The seasons are changing. 

Our days here in the Northern Hemisphere are getting longer.

And the flowers are beginning to bloom. 

It’s time to come out of our cocoon and share the gifts we’ve gathered from these last introspective months. 

This month’s full moon occurs in Virgo at 3:17am EST. It is said that this marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new astrological year, so it’s a great time to take inventory of what’s working and what isn’t so that you may let go and make space in your life for what you’d like over the next 12 months. 

Because Virgo is a very practical sign that gets its strength through its alliance with the Earth element, we can surmise that this Full Moon wants us to take a good look at how things are going in our lives, especially our inner-life as the sun is currently in Pisces which encourages us to get in touch with our watery depths. 

We can symbolically see Virgo as the mind and Pisces as the heart, as we’ve collectively been plunged into the realms of our dreams and desires, we can bring cacao in to help us decipher the messages of the heart and bring it into the power of the actionable mind. 

For this ritual, we recommend Mystical Mushroom; a cacao that brings us a deep connection to the energies of the Earth through the 11 mushroom allies it contains. It is grounding, and perfect for a ritual of introspection, letting go, and illumination. 

Full Moon Cacao Ritual

What you’ll need: 

  • A candle 
  • Uninterrupted space 
  • Meditation/relaxing music 
  • A journal & pen or pencil 
  • 1 ceremonial dose of cacao (40-48 discs of our newest batches of cacao or 15-20 discs for our previous batches) 
  • Sacred herbs for cleansing & setting your space 

Begin by setting up your space, by burning some incense, Palo Santo, sage, or any other sacred herb you have on hand to cleanse your space and set the intention for it to hold you in your ceremonial practice. You may also wish to play some of your favorite meditation music to begin shifting your consciousness into that of introspection and connection to your Spirit. Make sure to have everything on hand so you don’t have to disrupt your process at any time. We recommend setting your phone on airplane mode or not having it in your space at all :) 

Make your cacao lovingly and intentionally for this Full Moon’s energy and the wisdom that it has for you. 

Once you’re ready, light your candle and sit in front of it with your cacao. Start by breathing deeply and taking in the aroma of your cacao, beginning to create a connection between you and this plant ally, then you may wish to say this prayer before taking your first sip: 

From the central source of the galaxy, which is in all places at all times,
I activate the primal force of cacao,
Cleanse my eyes to see your perfection,
Cleanse my ears to hear your perfection,
Cleanse my mouth so that my words may become blessings,
Cleanse my hands to hold your abundance,
Cleanse my feet to walk without pain on this sacred mother earth
Cleanse my heart of old painful stories and renew the contract with love and faith
So that my path blooms like the holy spring.
For the highest good.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasın
For all my relations.

Next, as you continue sipping your cacao, reflect on these following questions: 

  • Where in my life do I feel empowered? Where in my life do I feel disempowered?
  • What dreams have been most present within me that I have yet to manifest? 
  • What holds me back from my truest expression and dream life?  What holds me back from taking action?

Once you’ve taken this time to reflect, look at the things you wrote in regards to disempowerment, and being held back. 

Now, one by one, breath in deeply, and looking towards the flame of the candle, blow as hard as you can, imagining that what makes you feel disempowered or what holds you back is being sent to the fire for transformation. 

Do this as many times as necessary, finishing with gratitude to the fire for taking in your prayers. 

Now it’s time to celebrate. You’re likely feeling the energy of the cacao flowing through you now, so this can be a great time for some movement. Put on some of your favorite dance music, or you can listen to this playlist here for some ceremonial vibes and dance for you. Dance for your dreams. Dance for your heart. Envisioning how the movements you make, plant the seeds of your dreams and wishes, water them, and nurture them. We recommend dancing for at least 10-15 minutes. 

When you feel complete. Bring your energy back into introspection. Sit down, finish your cacao if you haven’t already, and take note of dreams or visions you already have accomplished so that you can also acknowledge your power to create. You may also wish to note down what you experienced when doing the releasing to the candle or in your dancing.

Close your ritual with words of gratitude & if you still have some cacao left and have the ability to go outside, pour some back to the Earth as a symbol of thanks. 

Full Moon Blessings, 

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family 


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