Getting the right gift for anyone, including yourself, can sometimes be a difficult feat.

So, we’re doing a throwback today and sharing our Cacao Gift Guide inspired by archetypes.

This way, picking out the right gift becomes much easier!

Here’s how to use this unique gift guide:

  1. Look at the “Perfect For” section, which recommends cacaos based on archetypes (i.e., roles/characters that all humans play and are within our psyche). Each cacao can specifically support you in your various roles in life.
  2. Look at the “Feels” section, which connects each cacao with the special feelings and energies it invokes and that we can cultivate within ourselves.

If you’re not familiar with archetypes, here’s a simplified definition of them:

Archetypes are original universal patterns and energies that are integrated in all of us. And though we can all embody these energies, sometimes we gravitate towards expressing or embodying these patterns more than others. Some examples of archetypes are that of the artist, the teacher, the comic, the child, the hermit, and so on. Archetypes hold both the light and shadow aspects of that energy and we can work with them to bring ourselves into more harmony, or even to help us make our dreams come true.

While each of us embody several primary archetypes over the course of our lives, the archetype we choose to play is constantly shifting.

When we are in connection with the universal archetypes that urge to uniquely express through us, deep alignment is palpable. Stress is lower. Smiles are bigger. And our hearts beat louder.

So now we ask you, which archetypes are you embodying right now, or would you like to embody, and which cacao can help you get in alignment with the archetypes expression?

Pure Ceremonial Cacao Guide

Thriving Tanzania

Perfect For: The Seeker, The Traveler, The Adventurer

Feels: Focusing, Clarifying, Uplifting

Glowing Guatemala

Perfect For: The Mystic, The Nurturer, The Sustainer, The Healer

Feels: Mothering, Wise, Ancient

Boundless Belize

Perfect For: The Artist, The Visionary, The Eternal Child

Feels: Expansive, Freeing, Inspiring

Enhanced Ceremonial Cacao Guide

Mystical Mushroom

Perfect For: The Hermit, The Sage, The Mentor

Feels: Grounding, mysterious, nourishing

Tantric Rose

Perfect For: The Lover, The Queen/King, The Poet

Feels: Sensual, Heart-opening, Powerful

Vibrant Vitality

Perfect For: The Warrior, The Athlete, The Advocate

Feels: Strengthening, Balancing, Energizing

Oaxacan Spice

Perfect For: The Creator, The Courageous, The Caregiver

Feels: Warming, Elevating, Motivating

Still Need Guidance?

We hope this guide has you inspired and feeling like you know which cacao is perfect for your loved ones, or yourself to help get aligned with the desired energy! If you have any more questions or would like more guidance, please reach out to us. We’ll be so happy to help!


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