We started off our 18-day trip to visit our cacao farming partners in Belize & Guatemala with a little rest and relaxation. In our typical adventurous style, Sena & I took a three-hour boat ride to a remote island off the southern coast of Belize, nestled within Glover's Reef.

Dolphins guided us along part of the journey to the island, and as we got further from the coast I realized just how far out we were going as we lost all sight of land. For six days we cooked all of our own meals, living without electricity or internet. We synced with the natural rhythms of the sun, drank fresh coconut water from coconuts that I harvested by climbing the trees on the island, and took time to vision and reflect. It was a rare opportunity to reset, commune with cacao, and get crystal clear about what we want to create next.

The Importance of Relaxation & Clear Vision

This trip was the first time I’ve traveled with a team to visit our cacao growers. Sena and Elsa (our videographer + photographer), joined my brother Holger (on his second cacao trip) and myself. Sharing the magic of visiting cacao farms with the team was deeply rewarding, and created close bonds amidst all of us. Traveling together I also got to relax more, as I wasn’t the only person asking questions, coordinating logistics, and taking photos and notes.

Belize Beach Boat

As a result, I’m coming home with far better documentation of our travels, and feeling extraordinarily well nourished because I had time for daily yoga and cacao practice. I’m also coming home with significant clarity found through quiet solo moments and spontaneous conversations with the team. I feel far more clear on Firefly’s course for 2019, including studio upgrades, packaging sustainability, virtual cacao ceremonies, and our highly anticipated social impact report. In this moment, the saying that when you are far too busy to travel is the best time to travel, rings strong and true.

Ceremonial Cacao Discs Beach

Cacao Microdose, Island Style

Instead of having a larger dose of cacao in the morning, we found ourselves naturally gravitating towards two smaller doses of cacao throughout the day.

Start with 3-4 discs of Boundless Belize with 3-4oz of water in the morning, and then make another one of the same size in the afternoon. Alternatively, you can split the normal amount of discs you would drink in one serving in half.

Working with cacao in this way provided a gentle, sustained energy and creativity boost that kept us feeling expansive and inspired throughout our day.

Cacao Ceremony With Yoga Belize Beach

Cacao & Yoga Ceremony

Combining yoga and cacao is one of our favorite ceremonies, and a consistent daily practice has been supporting us immensely while we've been traveling.

Before breakfast make some Boundless Belize cacao, grab your yoga mat, and find a nourishing space (outside is ideal, weather permitting!)

Begin your yoga practice by tuning into what you are grateful for. You can speak this aloud, journal it, or simply feel it in your heart. Next, tune into your prayers for your day. One of our favorites is to ask for magic : ) From this space, sip your cacao in silence, taking in the space around you with your five senses. When you finish your cup, start your yoga flow.

Photo Collage!

Ceremonial Cacao Boundless Belize Drinking Chocolate

Boundless Belize Ocean Beach Coral Reef

Coconut Tree Belize Island

Cacao Ceremony Yoga Island

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