We are more than halfway through the winter! (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere).

That means we are not far away from a time when flowers will begin to bloom, and a seasonal internal shift will come that supports action and boldness. You may even be feeling some of that change right now with all planets out of retrograde, giving us a cosmic “green light”.

Having a strong foundation is vital for the expansion and growth of spring that is just around the corner.

One of the best ways to create this foundation is to nourish your connection to the element of Earth.

What better way to root in the Earth than with our Mystical Mushroom Cacao?

A visible mushroom is actually the fruiting body of the fungal organism. Besides the mushroom, the fungal organism is mostly made up of a vast underground network of mycelium, tiny threads that weave through the soil. Mycelium networks connect all of life, transporting vital nutrients and relaying important information about the health of the environment.

The mycelium are masterful at decomposition, recycling the old and decaying back into Mother Earth where other organisms can re-use the building blocks of life.

This is how the fungal organism keeps Mother Earth - and us - healthy, grounded, and balanced. They nourish and care for all of life, and they sustain Planet Home.

A Grounding Mystical Mushroom Cacao Practice

After preparing a cup of Mystical Mushroom cacao, or adding one of our Mystic Mushroom powders to your favorite pure cacao, take some time for this nourishing practice.

  • Breathe & Release Tension: Breathe deeply in through your nose into your diaphragm. Hold for several seconds. Exhale as slowly and fully as possible through your mouth. Relax the tension in your body starting from your head all the way through your feet, letting it recycle back into the Earth. Repeat until you feel grounded and relaxed.
  • Self-Reflect: When and where do you feel most at home in the world? What are you really feeling in those moments?
  • Wonder: In what ways could you be a Mother to yourself and extend more nourishment, care, belonging, and unconditional love?
  • Inquire Deeply: What would it look and feel like to link roots with the world? Are there new connections to be made, or old ones to be rekindled? What information and love would you like to share with the planet, as mycelium does?
  • Ask Your Heart: What in your life may need “decomposing”, so that this energy can be unlocked and recycled into creating new life for you?
Do you already have your favorite pure cacao on hand, but would like to add in the nourishing and grounding energy of mushrooms into your cup?

Shop our Mystic Mushrooms line which you can add to any cacao!

May you be grounded and at home within your body, mind, and spirit!

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