In our Monthly Ritual Report we tune into the astrological energies of the month, and at times, internationally and nationally celebrated days. Through these understandings we can spark inspiration and create cacao rituals that help us align with the natural cycles of the Earth.

In addition, we recommend specific cacaos to support your intentions on these special days.

October Ritual Report

Sun Enters Scorpio | Oct. 23rd
New Moon Eclipse | Oct. 25th
National Chocolate Day | Oct. 28th
Halloween/Samhain | Oct. 31st

October 23rd | Sun Enters Scorpio

And just like that, Scorpio season is here, and it’s coming in with a bang as the next day is followed by the beginning of the eclipse season. Scorpio loves mystery, depth, and intimacy, so enter this time with an open mind; it’s time for your feelings, visions, and shadows to come to the fore.

Since Scorpio is a water sign, to honor this shift in astrological season, we recommend doing a water ritual along with your cacao. Tantric Rose Blossom will help you connect to Scorpio’s sensuous energy while activating your internal waters. Prepare yourself a bath of rosemary and lavender, which in combination can boost insight, clarity and help you get calm. Before getting in your bath, commune with your Tantric Rose cacao to help you open to any insight you are currently looking for and ask for the bath to bring you clarity. Journal about this, then, while in your bath, just relax and contemplate. Once you’re done, journal anything that may have come through while you bathed.

October 25th | New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

While we typically think of planting seeds and starting something new when there is a new moon, when there is an eclipse, it is not a good time to do this sort of manifestation work. Energies can be a bit chaotic since the eclipse season always comes in to shake things up and make necessary changes occur. One of the best things to do is just relax and take it easy when we’re moving through a new moon eclipse such as this one. Venus, the planet of love, is very active under this lunation, which means our relationships will be highlighted and put under the spotlight, secrets may be revealed, and new discoveries can be made. To help you stay grounded, we recommend sitting with a cup of Mystical Mushroom Cacao. Mushrooms represent the interconnectedness of everything as they have one of the most advanced networks of communication and are experts of harmonious relationship.

As you do your cacao ritual, reflect on your needs within your relationships, especially romantic ones. You may also assess how your needs are being met throughout all your relationships and even your relationship with your passions. Are you meeting your own needs? Are you feeling fulfilled by your current lifestyle?


October 28th | National Chocolate Day

This day was created to “celebrate one of life’s greatest indulgences,” according to National Today, but for us cacao lovers, we know it goes far beyond that. We can look at today as a day to celebrate Cacao as a gift from Mother Earth to open our hearts and bring health to our minds and bodies.

A fun way to honor this day is by creating a tasting flight of cacao with our Ora Cacao Sampler Kit. You can even invite a friend or loved one to join you as you prepare small cacao shots of each cacao variety and tune into how each cacao feels to you, notice their flavors, describe them, and then ask cacao to guide you into which cacao will serve you best at this time. If you’d rather not make cacao shots, you can also do your tasting flight by allowing a disc or two to melt in your mouth of each cacao.

October 31st | Halloween/Samhain

This date, now commonly known as Halloween, has its roots in the Celtic holiday of Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) - the time of year in which it’s believed that the veil is thinnest between the physical and unseen worlds and represents a rebirth. Halloween/Samhain at it’s core is an invitation to be in ritual, self-reflection, and in communion with our ancestors and allies on the other side.

If you’d like to honor this day as the Ancient Celts once did, a time for clearing away the old and calling in guidance from your ancestors, you can do so with a cup of Oaxacan Spice. With its fiery energy, Oaxacan Spice can help you in illuminating all that it’s time to release. As you drink your cacao, write down what your heart wishes for you to see now, and when you’re ready, with a bundle of sacred herbs for burning, cleanse yourself with their smoke and envision how what you’re releasing is being given back to the Earth for composting so that it may transform into something beautiful and new.

October Cacao Picks 

Tantric Rose Blossom Enhanced 100% Cacao

Oaxacan Spice Enhanced 100% Cacao 

Ora Cacao Sampler Kit 


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