Did you know … all Ora Cacao shipments go out CARBON NEUTRAL! 

But rather than buying carbon credits which are often ineffective, we are actually buying CARBON REMOVAL for emissions from shipping your packages. 

The truth is, we are already past a tipping point with climate change, so we need to not just reduce emissions but actually remove emissions to REVERSE CLIMATE CHANGE.

The good news is there is some amazing work going on to make this happen that you are now supporting with each order of cacao! Based on the weight and distance each order travels, we are contributing to Shopify's Sustainability Fund, which invests in a range of strategies for carbon removal - both nature-based and using advanced tech. Some of our favorite strategies in the portfolio include:

  1. Growing kelp and sinking it to the bottom of the ocean to pull carbon dioxide back into the ocean
  2. Neutralizing 18 wheeler emissions by capturing CO2 with replaceable cartridges
  3. Paying ranchers and farmers to modify land management practices to keep carbon in the soil
  4. Replanting West coast forests lost by wildfires
  5. Removing carbon dioxide from air moving through existing industrial cooling towers 
  6. Converting wood chips to bio char 

There are many many more solutions in the portfolio, this is just a sampling! 

We are so excited to be a part of many small companies that collectively are contributing to big solutions for climate change. If you want to read the full strategic brief from Shopify, you can download the PDF here.

As an elder shared with us recently - the Earth will be fine with humans or without. Rather, we must understand climate change as a test of humanity's will to stay here on the planet. And as Earth-loving and cacao-loving humans, we’re committed to staying here on the planet! 

In fact, this is just one of many steps we are taking in regards to climate change as responsible corporate citizens. One of our next steps will be a comprehensive audit of our total carbon footprint for producing a pound of cacao. This will allow us to label our cacao with a badge showing this value of carbon intensity, and then invest in further action steps to reduce emissions.

We already know that shipping cacao to our customers is a big one, so even before the audit, we are excited to be adding Carbon Removal from all our shipments as a standard operational practice.

Sending love for the planet and gratitude for the trees,

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family

Cacao For The Planet  

Glowing Guatemala 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao 

Vibrant Vitality Enhanced 100% Ceremonial Cacao 

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