Let's deepen your connection to cacao and grow your ritual practice this month!

In this December Ritual Report, we've highlighted meaningful astrological dates that help you align with the natural cycles of Earth, as well as significant days to celebrate and reflect with cacao.

In addition, we recommend specific cacaos to support your intentions on these special days.

Each day is an opportunity to go deeper with your ceremony by dedicating more time, planning a more involved ritual, perhaps increasing your cacao dose, or planning ahead for a group ritual with friends, loved ones, and the larger community.

How will you make your rituals authentic to you this month?

Cacao Ritual Report | December 2023

Mercury Retrograde | December 13th - January 1st

While Mercury Retrograde has gotten a bad reputation, it’s not all bad! The astrology we experience throughout our time on this Earth is meant to help us evolve and become the best we can be.

During Mercury’s retrograde, it is known that communication, travel, and technology can be affected - which means things will feel a lot slower. Because of this, when Mercury is in retrograde, we are invited to reflect on the themes that it will be bringing up for us. This time around, it’s asking us to take a deep look at our boundaries, how we are or are not communicating our needs, and our sense of control.

Ritual Suggestion:

Tap into the energy of reflection and review with a cup of Mystical Mushroom Cacao which will help you feel grounded despite the slow-moving energy of the retrograde. As you sip on your cacao, reflect on the following journal prompts:

  • How do I envision myself fully living in my truth?
  • Looking back on this year, what am I most proud of having accomplished for my own well-being?
  • What do I most need right now to feel fully aligned with my boundaries?
  • What are the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year in regards to control?

Winter Solstice | December 21st

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and simultaneously the time of y when our hours of sunlight begin to grow longer. This day symbolizes a turning point, from darkness to light. It’s a time of illumination and reflection on the portals of endings and beginnings.

We recommend a more energetically feminine cacao on this day such as Glowing Guatemala. As you sip on your ceremonial cacao, begin to reflect on what is currently being called to end in your life, and what new energy you would like to birth with this new space you’ll be creating.

Stay tuned for an in-depth Winter Solstice Cacao Ritual!

World Peace Meditation Day | December 31st

On December 31st, the entire world is invited to participate in collective meditation for world peace with the intention of preventing war and violence. This is a day to unite with loved ones, friends, and people from all around the world in order to nourish the energy of peace. As tensions continue to run high in humanity, coming together is one way of bringing positivity into our world.

Ritual Suggestion:

Bring your loved ones together to share a cup of Connected Colombia Cacao. Open up the space with gratitude giving, and each sharing about the peace you wish to see in the world. Once you’ve drunk your cacao and your hearts have begun to connect to cacao’s spirit, collectively meditate on the vision of world peace.

Connected Colombia will help you attune to the energy of unconditional love as it has been grown and cultivated by the Arhuaco community who holds a strong tradition of prayer makers for the wellness of the Earth and all sentient beings.

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