This week we welcome powerful shifts with the beginning of the zodiacal solar Cancer season, a Full Moon in Capricorn, and the Summer Solstice. With so much afoot in these cosmic and earthly portals,  it’s an excellent time to seek grounding and insight. 

Below we share the energies present at this time and how to anchor them fruitfully into your being through ritual with cacao. 

Energetics Of The Full Moon + Summer Solstice This Week 

This Thursday the 20th, the Sun arrives in the zodiacal sign of Cancer, the archetypes of the mother and the crab. Cancer values nurturance and nesting, and is highly sensitive and attuned to others. You might begin to notice more sensitivities arising for you and an increased desire to nest and retreat. 

In addition, June 20th  is the Solstice that welcomes the Summer season for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. This marks the time of peak warmth, light, activity, and celebrations for the longest day of the year. With this day of full solar power, we’re invited to stay grounded as we welcome the expansion of light.

It can be valuable to consider the astrological transits that correspond to the seasonal shifts. In this, we recognize that Cancer is a beautiful complement to the high energy shift that occurs with summer. Summer Solstice invites us into a season of expansion, energy, and vitality. Cancer reminds us to stay connected to our hearts and homes, as we balance the calls to adventures and activities of summer pursuits. 

On Friday, the 21st, we welcome the Full Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn is the opposing sister sign of Cancer and represents the father, the sea goat, and the slow methodical steps one takes to build the reality of long term futures and visions.This Full Moon in Capricorn is asking us to listen to our inner knowing and bring into conscious awareness our sacred responsibility, our deeper purpose. It is a time to reconnect with our true direction, our own definition of success,  and find the courage to live it, with the help of Capricorn’s grounded structures.   

Take a look at the ritual below to connect more deeply with yourself and the energies named above, supported lovingly by cacao. 



Summer Solstice Cacao Pick

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Full Moon & Summer Solstice Ritual

Set your space for ritual: tidy, energetically cleanse, and lovingly prepare a cup of cacao. Light a candle, connect with your breath, and invite the plant spirit of cacao to guide you through your practice. 

At this time of the summer solstice, we have the opportunity to give thanks for the life-giving sun and the element of fire. If possible, sit outside in the sun or in a beam of sunlight coming through the window. If that’s not available, get present with the flame of the fire you just lit. 

  • Begin by offering your gratitudes for the sun and the element of fire. Giving thanks for the warmth, the vitamin D, the sunlight that grows plants and sustains our lives, the beauty of the sunrise and sunsets, the power of fire that transmutes and transforms…
  • Then, offer up your cup of cacao to the sun or to the fire and with your intention give the first sip to the sun
  • Give an offering to the sun and the element of fire. This could be a song, a dance, a poem, a blessing, a piece of art that you create, etc.
  • Reflect on how the element of fire lives within you - igniting your passion, purpose and your sacred action



Next, we’ll work with the potency of this full moon in Capricorn to see what from our inner worlds wants to come into conscious awareness. Set the intention of tapping into your inner knowing of your direction and purpose. Then set a timer for 20 minutes to drop into a creative flow state (this could be: dancing, journaling, singing, making art etc.) and see what comes through.  

When you’re done journal on the following prompts:

  • What inner guidance is here about my purpose and sacred responsibility? 
  • How am I already living my purpose?
  • What does an exquisite life look like on my terms, without trying to fit into others’ definition of success?
  • What within me fears building/taking steps towards my purpose?
  • What steps am I ready to take towards my purpose and sacred responsibility this summer?

To close out, blow out any candles and thank the plant spirit of cacao for journeying with you. Take a moment to savor in your entire being the themes and intentions that have emerged for you in this meditation. To further anchor these intentions, you might create a vision board or write the words somewhere visible in your home. 


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