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We handcraft pure cacao used in ceremonies around the world.

In a one of a kind chocolate making temple hosted by Firefly Chocolate in California, we excel by using modern chocolate making techniques from the American craft chocolate movement, and by drawing inspiration and wisdom from ancient cacao traditions that know cacao as a revered elder plant spirit.

Meet Jonas: Our Maker

Jonas Ketterle crafts unsweetened ceremonial grade cacao that is used in cacao ceremonies around the world. He hosts cacao ceremony monthly with his men's circle, during which they drink cacao and then practice embodied wrestling. He also regularly teaches how to stone grind fresh cacao paste from the bean using a traditional metate. After first encountering sipping chocolate in Oaxaca Mexico in 2012, Jonas founded the bean to bar dark chocolate company, Firefly Chocolate, in 2014, with the mission of inspiring awe and wonder through cacao. Always with a focus on health, he initially launched 85% dark chocolate in a variety of flavors, sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar. He also pioneered a bio-regional wild harvested chocolate bar, celebrating bay nuts, a food used by the native peoples of the SF Bay Area.

Jonas brings a diverse set of skills to the art of chocolate making and working with plant medicine. Previously, in his roles as Imagineer at Greenlight Planet and engineering lead at Fenix International, he worked on providing affordable solar energy to rural customers. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Stanford University, and an immigrant from Germany, receiving the prestigious Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for his graduate studies. He also studied permaculture and nature awareness at the Regenerative Design Institute, and has lived in eco-villages and cooperative houses for the majority of the last ten years. Now he can frequently be found at farmer's markets, on the dance floor, adventuring to gather spring water, and sharing gratitude and intention over a frothy morning cacao drink. He hopes to meet you one day and share in the awe and wonder of being alive!

A Love Letter to Cacao

Dear Cacao,
When I close my eyes and take a sip of a spicy and frothy cacao potion, my whole being responds with a yes as you tickle my cells and leave me susceptible to the unexpected. On some days, you nourish my body with your tasty alchemy, helping me discover health and self appreciation amidst playfulness and laughter. On some days, you fill me with energy, helping me go into the day with the courage, creativity, and heart to offer my gifts. On some days, you bring my attention to my sacred grief, helping me release tears and direct love to where it is needed, making space for new life. And always, you beckon me to commune with you deeper, delighting in the magic of a reality far more beautiful than I knew before. For all this, I honor you.


As you keep filling me with a love for life, you are helping me to revel and wonder in the interconnectedness of it all, and find my duty as a guardian for the sacred expression of all life, everywhere. I see the same awareness rippling through my community too as they work with your medicine, for you keep answering our prayers and healing our hurts with ever more love for life. That gives me the most hope I’ve felt in years, because when together we begin honoring and embodying the life force within ourselves, we will also experience the reflection of life thriving all around us. So I am grateful that in this time of great change, you leave me with shiny eyes, streaks of brown on my lips, and a voice singing in praise of cacao, already looking forward to that next cup.

Love, Jonas
(founder of Firefly Chocolate)

It all began with a trip to Oaxaca Mexico

"In April 2012, I traveled to Oaxaca Mexico. Shortly into my stay there, I was invited to stay in Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec town with strong chocolate traditions. When I visited Maria, she asked me if I had ever made chocolate before. I had barely said no and she was already on her way to get the cacao beans. So began an afternoon of making chocolate the traditional way ‐ open fire roasted, hand peeled within sight of their sacred mountain, and stone ground with a molino. The result? A honey sweetened chocolate paste, fresher and more delicious than any chocolate I had ever tasted before."