Cacao 101 Course - Day 16

Today’s Cacao: Thriving Tanzania

Over the last 8 days, you’ve begun to establish (or have continued to nourish) a deep relationship with the Spirit of Cacao. You’ve gotten to meet this spirit in new ways, and also have learned about the elements.

Then you brought it all together through the synergy meditation. By now, you’re likely noticing just how magical cacao can truly be when you bring intention into the space!

Through this connection you’ve been forging, you can bring your questions and concerns to the altar of cacao.

Engaging with cacao in the way of conversation and counsel-seeking is a process of surrender and trust.

This is because many of us have been taught that we can only get help from humans or that we must be self-sufficient. In actuality though, there is a lot of help available and there are many non-human allies here to assist us. It can be a humbling process to ask for help given our current culture of rewarding independence.

Here are some ways you can view this process, and this goes for other plant medicines as well:

  • When you come to cacao with your experiences, you don’t have to carry the questions and concerns you have all on your own.
  • You can speak and share the things going on within you with the cacao spirit. You can think of it like telling a friend what is going on in your life, in fact, it can be quite conversational. Your conversation could follow the format of “please help me with...”.
  • This is a very clear and direct way to talk with cacao, and helps specifically articulate the thought forms, concerns, and anxieties that you may have.

Remember, when you drink cacao your spirit and cacao are merging, your connection will continue to strengthen and you will find your own personal avenues of relating to this spirit.

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Reflection for day 16

  • What questions do you have for the spirit of cacao? Perhaps write them out on a piece of paper you can place on your personal altar, or somewhere you see daily.
  • Have you noticed any changes within you over the past 2 weeks? Have you had any new insights, or been able to shift your perspective?
  • If cacao brought any guidance to you during meditation, reflect on it and write it down in your journal