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Vegan Keto Ethical GMO-Free Soy-Free Sugar-Free Regenerative

Vegan Keto Ethical GMO-Free Soy-Free Sugar-Free Regenerative

Ora is Ceremonial Cacao for Holistic Health

Our easy to use cacao discs connect you to the source: they are crafted to deliver an authentic experience of cacao. Always sugar free, we have both pure 100% cacao and enhanced 100% cacao. Learn more about our collections below.

Pure 100% Ceremonial Cacao

Our pure cacaos are made from a single ingredient, organic cacao beans, that are minimally processed to create a user-friendly cacao disc for eating or making a cup of liquid cacao. While each pure cacao is the same ingredient, each has a different flavor and energetic profile that showcases cacao in all it’s uniqueness. We offer the widest selection of 100% cacaos in the US, directly and ethically traded with small farmers across a number of indigenous communities. Unlike other companies that may have a single 100% cacao offering in their lineup of otherwise sweetened products, we specialize in 100% cacaos - this is the foundation of what we do.

Enhanced 100% Ceremonial Cacao

Enhanced cacaos are more than a “flavor”. Each one is an entirely unique experience of cacao as a medicine, bringing potent medicinal and energetic qualities. Through our custom process and global sourcing, we grind only the highest quality whole food ingredients into our 100% cacaos. Due to the vasodilating and cardiac stimulant properties of the cacao base, cacao acts as an optimal delivery mechanism for the superfoods we carefully select. These are a beautiful way to expand your ceremony beyond our pure cacaos and very highly reviewed!

Fruiting Body 1:1 Water Extracted Organic Vegan Non-GMO No Grain No Starch No Fillers

Fruiting Body 1:1 Water Extracted Organic Vegan Non-GMO No Grain No Starch No Fillers

Mystic Mushrooms

Our deep dive with cacao brought us into the world of mushrooms. Check out our new fruiting body mushroom powders that you can supplement with! These are 1:1 water extracted from whole fruiting mushrooms for the highest quality. Of course, there is no starch or fillers, and we triple lab test these for purity.

Fruiting Body Mushrooms


We dream that humans use fungi not just for health and culinary purposes, but ceremonially and collaboratively, to reconnect our species with their fullest potential as earth guardians and stewards.

We’ve been supplementing with macro doses of mushrooms and feeling fantastic, so now we’re offering these potent mushroom extracts directly. Our prayer is for your vibrant health and also your connected thriving and passion.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Connected to the Source


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