Welcome, friend

Thank you for joining us in this delightful dance of life by bringing your desire to connect with cacao, a medicine that has been one of our closest allies in the last ten years. We’re excited to share our knowledge of this plant spirit with you, and facilitate your relationship with her to be nourishing and long lasting. Our prayer is that the information we offer is of service to you and your community. 


It is going mainstream

In 2020, we produced enough cacao for over 300,000 ceremonial dosages, all over the United States and in over fifty countries globally. This is the cacao revival, restoring sacred balance on this earth with right relationship to this most magical of plants.

We’re saying ENOUGH to the exploitative way that big chocolate treats the planet and its workers. We’re saying YES to chocolate that is alive, that offers powerful transformations both mentally and physically, and most important all, that connects us to spirit and the sacred. Cacao is not candy, it is not a confection or a commodity. It is medicine, and we’re recognizing it as such. Our movement is growing day by day, and I thank you for being a part of it.

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  • Gratitude

    Gratitude is our foundation, that which comes before all else. With humility and reverence we recognize that the energy of the cacao spirit is moving through our organization, and we pray to steward and direct that energy in a good way. 

  • Community

    We exist because we love bringing people together, to enjoy cacao and to create with it. We would not be able to offer what we do without a vast web of partnerships, and many people contributing their passion and inspiration to share this medicine with the world.

  • Earth

    Our cacao offering is a gift from the earth and the trees, and one way we reciprocate with operations that contribute to more thriving of life. From organic and regenerative ingredient sourcing to carbon neutral operations and compostable packaging, we choose the Earth first.

  • Passion

    When our heart and spirit are in alignment with our hands, our work is effortless and graceful. We share cacao because we love it, and we make sure to self care and love ourselves, to cultivate the slow burn passion that will burn strong for many years to come.

  • Ritual

    Cacao has taught us that ritual is a way of life, of honoring the sacred that brings synchronicity, love, and magic into our lives. We practice and teach how to be in relationship with plant spirits, and escape the consumerist craze to find true meaning.

  • Transparency

    We’re committed to truth telling for system shift. As a direct bridge from cacao grower to cacao lover, we travel to origin so we can share the full farm to cup perspective. We leverage our privilege to be a strong ally for our indigenous cacao producers. We invest in our community of informed cacao lovers who are the key to shifting the industry.

The Ora Mission

We make the very best ceremonial cacao that is pure, accessible, and easy to use. Our products and services are our sacred activism in response to a consumptive and exploitative chocolate industry. We leverage our access and privilege for healing on the local and global scale, by pushing the envelope with a track record of truth telling, strong partnerships, and impeccable quality to back us up.

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