Jaguar Cacao

This companion plant for ceremonial cacao is traditionally a key ingredient in ancient chocolate drink recipes. Known by over twenty indigenous names, the ancient wisdom around theobroma bicolor is always to use it in combination with its more popular close relative, theobroma cacao, because on its own it lacks the neuro-reuptake inhibitors present in theobroma cacao that prolong its effect. This tree’s masculine energy brings a clear, meditative balance to the feminine heart opening properties of traditional cacao drinks. 

Jaguar Cacao is an important part of the cacao agroforestry polyculture, and is so named because the jaguars love climbing this tall straight tree so they can hunt monkeys, squirrels, and toucans that feast on the theobroma cacao pods growing below. 

Prized by indigenous cultures for the frothy foam and balance it brings to ceremonial cacao drinks, Jaguar cacao was regarded as inferior by Spanish colonizers and today is largely unknown commercially. In collaboration with Chinantec villagers in Oaxaca, over 30,000 jaguar cacao trees have been planted to bring premium quality Jaguar Cacao to market.

An Excellent Source of: Protein, Fiber, Omega 3s.

Usage Tip: If you are very sensitive to ceremonial cacao or looking for an epic layer of froth in your cup, prepare ceremonial cacao with Jaguar Cacao.




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