This month we are working with the theme of Embracing Personal Power, inspired by the fire of the summer and, of course, Leo Season. As we continue to experience great changes in our lives and in the world, cultivating confidence and trust in ourselves can help us stay steady and grounded.

We share our monthly Cacao Invocation for you to spend time with during the month of August to hold you within the container of this energy.

We recommend that before you drink your cup of cacao, you say these words out loud, or within your mind, as often as you can. Another wonderful practice is to place these words on your altar so you can be reminded of them each day as guidance.

If you’d like to deeply work with your personal power this August, Vibrant Vitality and Oaxacan Spice can both be wonderful allies.

Cacao Invocation | August

To the Great Creator Energy, and to the spirit of Cacao,
On this day, help me rise in my power, invoking vibrancy and opening the way for the truth of my spirit.
Help me gently uncover the inner voices of self-criticism, self-doubt, and self-sabotage and guide me to the tools that will bring love and acceptance to those tender parts.
Bring me the healing balm of grace so that I remember the magnificence of my being.
Attune me to my truth, strengthen my inner compass, and turn me into an advocate for my heart.
Today, I release judgments so that when I look out into the world, I may know thR the peace, harmony, and acceptance I cultivate within myself, will ripple out into all my relations.
Inspire me and encourage me to care for myself, so that I can care for my community from a place of wholeness, from a place of healthy empowerment.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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