It’s a New Year. And with that, it’s time for a new relationship to your cacao rituals.

Imagine… What if two cacao rituals per month could shift and enhance your life forever?

And… what if these rituals were harmonized with the natural cycles of the earth, moon, planets, and beyond? 

And… what if these rituals were aligned with how cacao naturally grows in the rain forests?

Read on and let's find out! :)

In our monthly Cacao Ritual Forecasts, you may have noticed that two lunar milestones are always highlighted: The New Moon and The Full Moon.

You may have also noticed that our cacao rituals encourage both nourishment and expression, which are two harmonious poles in one infinite cycle.

Now, let’s connect the dots between the lunar cycles, your cacao ritual, and the way cacao naturally grows.

New Moon Lunar Energy

It’s often said that the Moon represents feminine energy, versus masculine energy of the Sun. It also represents our inner world of dreams, desires, shadows, and emotions.

For thousands of years, ancient cultures have had sacred practices that coincided with the Moon. Today, the Moon still greatly influences human culture, tides of bodies of water, and the growth of plants, animals, human life, and much more. 

So… how do we tap into these lunar energies and create a sacred practice of our own? 

Every 29 days creates a lunar month, of which two significant milestones are a New Moon and a Full Moon. 

The New Moon represents the beginning of a lunar month when the sun and moon come into alignment at generally the same degree astrologically (a.k.a. conjoining in the sky). It’s a potent time for nourishment.

During the New Moon, cacao trees harmonize with lunar energies. The tree’s energy descends into its roots, where it rebuilds, nourishes itself, and prepares for full expression when the Full Moon comes around. You might say that this is when the tree gathers its resources and plants its seeds of intention. It’s also the least harmful time to prune the cacao tree, which ensures good airflow and prevents mold growth.

Now, imagine you are a cacao tree who innately aligns with the wisdom of these lunar cycles. During the New Moon in your cacao ritual, you are invited into the fertile dark to become quiet, go inward, send energy to your roots, reflect, recharge, dream, and start something new. When planting these seeds of intention, Medicinal Mushroom can support you with its nourishing, healing energy of the mycelial roots. This is the grounding aspect of New Moon energy.

New Moons also offer a blank canvas for you to paint what you would like in your life, as well as what you need to let go of. The questions then become: what would you like to plant in your garden of life for the next lunar cycle? What binds can you loosen or discard? When dreaming into the future, Boundless Belize is always a wonderful choice for expanding your vision. This touches on another aspect of New Moon energy: a sense of direction.

In the days that follow the New Moon, this is known as the “waxing” moon. It’s your time to continue reconnecting to your intentions and gently pruning away to enhance your flow, just as done with the cacao tree. When challenges inevitably arise, revisiting your intentions with a cup of stamina-boosting Vibrant Vitality can be an invigorating choice.

As the Waxing Moon shines more light over the next ~2 weeks before the Full Moon, energy continues to intensify and starts cultivating your seeds of intention. For this stage, the warming blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cayenne in our enhanced Oaxacan Spice can help you build momentum and circulate your dreams into reality.

Up next? The Full Moon.

Full Moon Lunar Energy

Now, let’s talk about the Full Moon, a time of harvest and peak energy.

Imagine that you are a cacao tree again. When the Moon is full, you grow and express new leaves. When we visited cacao farms during a Full Moon, we were surprised to discover new paper-thin reddish leaves appearing on the trees. When we asked farmers about it, they happily informed us that the new growth is because of the Full Moon. That's when cacao trees put forth new leaves! We were amazed because we had never heard this before. We discovered that while the cacao tree gathers energy in its roots during the New Moon, it shifts and radiates this energy in its fullest expression towards the branches in the Full Moon. The uplifting and clarifying energy of our pure Thriving Tanzania cacao symbolizes this ascension and is very appropriate for this lunation.

When the moon is full, everything we’ve intended and worked with in this lunar cycle can flower. It’s also a time to reflect: How has your vision branched out into the world? Tantric Rose Blossom and Glowing Guatemala are two beautifully loving cacaos that carry the energy of growth and illumination.

Your cacao rituals during Full Moons may be more active, expressive, celebratory, and kinetic, as lunar energy is at its peak. Contrast this with your cacao rituals during the New Moon, which may be quieter and more contemplative. In your cacao ritual, it can be wise to remember where you are in the greater cycles around you, so that you may tap into these ever-present energies. 

Bringing It Home

After the Full Moon, we enter the “waning” cycle. This represents a release of energy as the moon grows dark once again.

When in stock, Connected Colombia provides soothing and harmonizing energy to shed any density as you return back into your roots. This cacao helps us complete our lunar cycle with the greater awareness that we are an integral part of the Earth and the whole of the universe.

Then, we may carry this forward and more fully connect with the imminent and infinite lunar cycles to come.

(*We don't have a specific back-in-stock date for Connected Colombia yet. But, we are working on it and miss it as much as you do! Thank you for your patience and understanding!)

Finally, let's recap what we've explored together today...

Lunar & Cacao Cycle Recap


New Moon Ritual Recap

Lunar/Cacao Tree Energy: Recharging. Nourishing. Preparing.
Your Ritual Energy: Inward. Start fresh. Set intentions.
Cacao RecommendationMedicinal Mushrooms & Boundless Belize 

Waxing Moon Ritual Recap

Lunar/Cacao Tree Energy: Moving. Intensifying. Illuminating. Warming.
Your Ritual Energy: Clarify. Take thoughtful actions. Overcome challenges.
Cacao Recommendation: Vibrant Vitality & Oaxacan Spice

Full Moon Ritual Recap

Lunar Energy: Peaking. Glowing. Radiating. 
Ritual Energy: Outward. Celebrate. Express. Love.
Cacao Recommendation: Tantric Rose Blossom & Glowing Guatemala

Waning Moon Ritual Recap

Lunar Energy: Descending. Releasing. Easing.
Ritual Energy: Let go. Raise awareness. Connect to the whole. Relax.
Cacao Recommendation: Connected Colombia


If you accept this newsletter as your lunar invitation to intentionally sit with cacao twice per month this year, you will gift yourself with 24 opportunities to experience more meaningful nourishment, connection, expression, self-reflection, and celebration.

Perhaps, one day you will look at the Moon and know exactly which cacao can best support you.

Lunar cacao rituals offer a chance to establish a cadence and rhythm to the benevolent greater forces, which are unshakingly reliable despite the ever-changing outer world. 

And best of all, your lunar cacao rituals communicate a symbiosis with your cup of cacao and pay a kind of homage to its source, as you heal and grow in the same cycles as the original tree. 

Are you ready to dance with these lunar rituals? Whatever your practice is, we hope this imbues your rituals with deeper meaning and inspires you to harmoniously grow as cacao does.

We also invite you to enroll in our online cacao courses that teach you everything you need to nurture and love your relationship with cacao!

Lastly, we hope that you stay connected with the cycles of your own energy. And that you always prepare your cup with intention and gratitude, so that you may be supported in both your most fulfilling nourishment AND your greatest expression. 

Do you have any questions or comments on rituals? We'd love to hear from you! Text us by sending "cacaoritual" to +1.351.247.7583, reply to this email, reach out on social media, or click on the bottom-right-hand corner of our website for help.

With Love, Gratitude, & Cacao,

Jonas & The Firefly Family


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