We just rebranded as Ora Cacao. And today, we’re soft-launching another new brand!

Are you ready?

Welcome …. Mystic Mushrooms …. to share with you the healing power of …

Fruiting Body. 1:1 Water Extracted. Synergistic Blends. Of Mushroom Powder!

It all began with decocting wild-harvested mushroom tea to make cacao drinks. That led us to offering our popular Mystical Mushroom Enhanced Cacao.

But that of course, sent us down the rabbit hole of mushroom supply chains and sourcing. And we’ve learned so much.

In fact, a lot of what we learned left us very disappointed. Appalled, actually. Much of what is sold in the US as mushrooms actually has very little medicinal benefit. And it’s 100% legal. But more on that later. We knew that quality mushrooms were out there, somewhere.

So we worked very hard to find the best source of mushrooms that we could. And we did.

That’s what we ended up putting in our Mystical Mushroom Enhanced Cacao, to match the energy of our ceremonial cacao.

But we were so excited about these mushrooms. So we began experimenting with macro doses of an additional 3-12 grams of mushroom powders per day. 

We’ve never felt healthier.

Medicinal mushrooms bring benefits such as immunity support, blood sugar regulation, brain health and cognition, and nervous system support (to name a few).

And, what's even more exciting, as ceremonialists, is that fungi are teaching us that you can connect with them just as you connect with cacao by engaging in a sacred, intentional relationship that goes beyond just consumption.

In fact, humans are quite closely related to fungi. We depend on them to survive, for dozens of reasons! So we better learn to relate with them, reciprocally. More on that soon.

Why Fruiting Body?

Back to the things we learned about mushroom quality.

Sadly, the majority of the mushroom powders out on the market today use mycelium grown on a grain substrate that is allowed to be ground up (inclusive of the grain), and all together marketed as mushroom.

Why is this bad? What most people actually want is the fruiting body. That’s the part we see; the mushroom, and it concentrates many of the health benefits.

However, mycelium is a different stage in the life cycle than the fruiting body, so it doesn’t offer nearly the same benefits. Mycelium when grown commercially also can't be separated from the grain it is grown on, so people are consuming a lot of starch filler.

It turns out the beta-glucan testing, which purportedly shows the medicinal value of a mushroom product, also picks up on grain beta-glucans.

Unless you use a more advanced mushroom-specific beta-glucan test, it’s the starch beta-glucans that are making the mycelium mushroom products look good!

That’s why we are really clear. No starch. No grains. No filler. Only fruiting body. And advanced testing to prove it.

ICYMI: Learn about the difference between fungus, mushrooms, and mycelium here.

Why 1:1 Water Extracted?

Fruiting body mushrooms must be prepared properly for it to be bioavailable.

Similar to ceremonial cacao, we believe that nothing should be added or removed.

Pre-digesting the mushroom with water extraction is a process that makes it more bioavailable than the raw mushroom itself.

A 1:1 extract starts by finely milling dried mushrooms. This powder is extracted for three hours in hot water at 80 C. After this extraction, much of the water is evaporated to produce a concentrated fluid. This fluid still contains the mushroom powder. This powder-filled fluid is sent to a spray drier which creates a fine powder.

The most important takeaway of this process is the fact that the raw material is never separated from the extraction fluid. This means that nothing from the original mushroom is lost or discarded.

Water extraction mobilizes the soluble beta-glucans and most other nutritional compounds from the fiber. Research has shown that the most immunologically active compounds in mushrooms are the soluble beta-glucans.

Introducing Our Three Offerings

Many people take one or two mushrooms that they are most familiar with. Or, they take a blend of as many different mushrooms as they can get for broad exposure. 

However, we believe the best strategy is to first identify your primary health goal. Then, you can identify a handful of mushrooms that all work together to accomplish this goal.

This is the philosophy behind our three offerings, in which you’ll likely recognize mushrooms you are familiar with and also some that you’ve never heard of before!

By doing so, you get the benefit of multiple mushrooms acting in synergy on unique biochemical pathways to effect the same outcome, and you can take a larger dose than if you simply went for a broad spectrum blend. 


This fusion of mushrooms activates and upregulates both innate and adaptive immunity. Mushroom compounds connect to specific beta-glucan receptor sites in the small intestine, helping our immune systems perform better, shielding our bodies against cancers and viral, bacterial, fungal & parasitic infections. The high triterpenoid content also offers anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.*


This culinary alchemist’s mix of our best tasting mushrooms is chalk full of medicinal benefits. Make crave worthy soups, superfood smoothies, or home-made energy bars. Drink hot in beverages like cacao or coffee or chai! All the while, supporting your health with powerful beta glucans …

This invigorating synergy of mushrooms supports your mind, lungs, liver, and skin. Lion’s mane is a neurotonic: it is the only mushroom known to support nerve growth. Cordyceps combats fatigue and improves respiratory function. Poria is a little-known qi-tonic, providing vital upkeep for the liver. And tremella rejuvenates the skin and slows down its aging.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Be The FIRST To Try These!

We think you will LOVE these. Which is why we are giving you an EPIC deal as part of our soft launch. In early 2022, we’ll be finishing our Mystic Mushroom branding and printing beautiful packaging, just as we have for Ora Cacao.

For now, these are available for beta release. Our 8oz bags of mushroom powders are available for just $64. Mushroom products of similar quality and quantity often sell for over $100.

Why? It’s simple. We want you to have these.

You are our community.

It's our belief that health should be accessible to all.

As the winter months approach and the days get colder, this is an opportune time to stock up on Mystic Mushrooms and bring support to your immune system, nervous system, and overall nourishment to your body.

In the same way ceremonial grade cacao is the highest quality cacao, these mushrooms are ceremonial grade mushrooms.

It’s so aligned with our mission, that we are launching Mystic Mushrooms as a sister brand to Ora Cacao.

Mystic Mushrooms believes that fungi are for use not just for health and culinary purposes, but for use in ceremony and in collaboration. We believe mushrooms are a critical key to reconnecting our species with our fullest potential as earth guardians and stewards.

There's so much to cover about our wonderful fungi friends, and we look forward to sharing what we've gotten to know about them over the coming months. In the meantime, whether you've already been taking medicinal mushroom supplements or not, please let us know how you feel!

As always, let us know how we can support your cacao journey. We'd love to hear from you! Reply to this email, reach out on social media, or click on the bottom-left-hand corner of our website for help.

With Love, Gratitude, & Cacao,

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family

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