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Create Your Daily Cacao Ritual

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Developing a new habit can be challenging, yet we believe from personal experience that having a daily cacao ritual can greatly improve your well-being and maintain a positive state of mind.


To build a nourishing habit that you can count on, it's important to set yourself up for success. We've written a list of things to consider as you design your daily cacao ritual below. These are for inspiration and encouragement and are meant to be experimented with. As you weave cacao into your day, you will naturally find what works best for you!

The Power of Cacao and Mushrooms

Apr 24 2019 0 Comments Adaptogen Belize Cacao Health Medicinal Mushroom

Last winter, I noticed that our Medicinal Mushroom cacao quickly became our most popular as the seasons changed. For several years I had been making various medicinal mushroom teas with reishi and chaga that I wild harvested, and I became curious about combining them with cacao. My first experiments led me to learn far more about mushrooms than I knew previously, and I became fascinated with the incredible adaptogenic properties of a wide variety of medicinal mushrooms. I also discovered cacao is an ideal carrier to help my system absorb the mushrooms, and that the flavor profiles are a perfect match with our Belizean cacao.

The Healing Love Qualities of Ceremonial Cacao

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Cacao Ceremony For Two

Cacao teaches me to bring love into every single day. Since working with cacao, I've discovered that creating space for a ritual with my loved ones, and sharing a cup of cacao together, creates closeness, depth of relationship, and true intimacy. Drinking cacao together, there is spaciousness … to share, listen and witness each other. To reflect on what you enjoy about each other. To simply be, together.

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