Cacao 101 Course - Day 14

Today’s Cacao: Vibrant Vitality

Several ancient myths say that cacao emerges from the rainforest during times of significant ecological imbalance to remind and teach people how to live harmoniously and sustainably.

Cacao has the power to reconnect humanity with the Earth, to help us tune into the Earth's energy, and to become more present with our environment.

Not only is cacao used for rituals and ceremonies to connect to ourselves, and community, but also to better understand and appreciate Earth. Coming into balance with the Earth is key for our health and wellbeing, and of course for the health and wellbeing of all that inhabits this physical plane.

The current systems that are currently in place in our modern-day culture lack acknowledgment for the spiritual interconnectedness of life, and fail to respect the resources that humanity relies on. Fortunately, many are beginning to understand that individualistic behavior, consumerism, and the pursuit of 'having more' are unsustainable and must be replaced with something more harmonious with the natural world.

Like many other plant medicines, Cacao asks us to reclaim our sacred relationship with Earth, our bodies, and our spiritual nature. Our most precious resources.

Today we will take a journey with cacao to remember the power of the Earth, and our place in this great web of life.

If you have an outdoor space nearby you like to go to, today is the perfect day to do your meditation there!

Now it’s time for you to prepare your space, make your cup of Vibrant Vitality, and hit play on the guided meditation.

Play Day 14 Audio Meditation

Reflection for day 14

  • How do I relate to the Earth? Do I feel I have a connection with her?
  • How do I relate to my body, my own earth, my own temple?
  • In which ways do I feel I am a good steward of the Earth? In which ways can I become a better steward of the Earth?