Today we’re sharing a Ritual Roundup of Cacao Rituals that are most supportive for this time of new beginnings.These rituals hold power and value during these winter months of reflection. 

We hope you enjoy, and invite you to let us know how these rituals go for you! We share these rituals as a starting point to fortify your daily ritual practice. The more you sit in ritual and communion with cacao, the more inspired you’ll become to create your own.

1. Healing Relationship Cacao Ritual 

Recommended Cacao: Tantric Rose Blossom

A beautiful cacao ritual for reflecting on all your relations. January and February are great months for reviewing where we stand within our relationships. Work with this ritual to go into deep inquiry with the relationships that are calling for some extra love right now.

2. Cacao Ritual For Cultivating Personal Power 

Recommended Cacao: Oaxacan Spice

This is a simple yet powerful ritual that can be a great ally if you need to bring more passion and drive into your projects and dreams now. Cultivate confidence, self-trust, and inner fire by doing this ritual once a week for a month.

3. Gratitude Ritual With Cacao 

Recommended Cacao: Connected Colombia

Cultivate your sense of gratitude with this practice. This is the type of ritual you can easily infuse into your daily morning ritual!

4. Vibrancy Activation Ritual

Recommended Cacao: Vibrant Vitality

Dive deep into identifying resistances and blocks and awaken your energy in new ways with this cacao ritual. You’ll want to have plenty of space and time for this one.

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