Summer is now upon us, and it is the season related to the element of fire. In our bodies, this correlates to the solar plexus center. Different cacaos can be used to activate and connect to different energy centers in our bodies.

As the center of personal power and confidence, the solar plexus center plays a vital role in our sense of personal power, healthy self-confidence, and will.

Our go-to for this is Oaxacan Spice!

The solar plexus center deals with our digestion, energy, and ability to express ourselves in the world - things which this deliciously spicy cacao aids.

All four spices in this blend, ginger, cayenne, cardamom, and cinnamon are circulatory and digestive aids boosting the functioning of the digestive organs and can boost your energy, giving you more willpower to take action on what you need to! Energetically, it stokes the inner fire and can help you awaken courage, motivation, and dedication, unlocking your inner potential and enveloping you in a sense of empowerment.

Here’s a ritual to cultivate balance and alignment with the divine essence of Oaxacan Spice Enhanced ceremonial cacao.

Nourish Your Center Of Power With Oaxacan Spice

Create Sacred Space: Prepare your space in a way that feels conducive to connection and mindfulness. Make it cozy, quiet, and serene by burning your favorite incense or sacred smoke.
  1. Prepare Your Oaxacan Spice Cacao: Before you prepare your cacao, take a moment to connect with your solar plexus center. Reflect on areas of your life where you desire more confidence, personal power, and self-expression. Set a clear intention to balance and activate your solar plexus chakra, aligning your energy with the divine flow of abundance and empowerment. Once you’re ready, intentionally and lovingly prepare your cacao, you can listen to this beautiful song as you do so!
  2. Envelop Yourself in the Ritual: Sit comfortably in your prepared space, and as you sip your cacao, focus your attention on your solar plexus center. Feel into its current state, and dig into where you wish to activate it more in your life. Here, you may wish to write down or recite powerful affirmations that resonate with this energy center. Feel their truth permeate your being. Envision yourself stepping into your personal power and reflect on the following prompts:
  • What does it look like to express your full authenticity?
  • How do you wish to embrace your personal power in your life?
  • What does your inner fire wish to tell you in this present moment?
  1. Gratitude: To close out your concentration, take some time in gratitude for cacao, the space you created, and the wisdom of your inner fire. 

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