The beginning of Aries season is known as the astrological new year, and it’s a time to be fiery, passionate, and proactive.

A really beautiful and inspiring way to tap into this new energy is by working with an archetype to support you in embodying who you need to be for new beginnings. For this, we recommend our Warrior and Trailblazer Cacao Boxes!

Both of these archetypes carry an aspect of the Aries energy and can give you the fire you need to make those first moves toward your goals.

The Warrior

The Warrior is courageous and resilient. As an embodied archetype, it can support you in overcoming obstacles, self-doubt, and even procrastination. If you wish to call in the determined and focused part of you, the Warrior Cacao Box can be your go-to with cacaos that are uplifting, energizing, and grounding!

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What's In The Warrior Cacao Box

These cacaos are curated to support sustained levels of energy and an uplift in your mood throughout the day.
Oaxacan Spice—To stoke your inner fire and awaken courage, motivation, and dedication. It unlocks your inner potential and envelops you in a sense of empowerment. It is a wonderful cacao for circulatory support as well as digestion. 
Thriving Tanzania - To support you in bringing in fresh and focused energy. This bright and tangy cacao is supportive in nourishing joy as a positive outlook on life so you can keep moving forward on your goals. 
Vibrant Vitality - A blend that supports not just your hormones but also your mood and supports you in feeling clear throughout the day. It will give you a healthy dose of energy to keep you present and to boost your mood when you need an extra pick-me-up.  


The Trailblazer

Ultimately, the Trailblazer is a seeker who is driven by their goals and intentions in an unwavering way. Just like the warrior, this archetype embodies fearlessness! Maybe you have dreams that would make you a pioneer in your field. Call on the Trailblazer within you in this new beginning to take the steps towards creating something new in the world. The cacaos in the Trailblazer Cacao Box will support you in directing your energy and attention towards what matters most while inspiring new ideas. If you’d like to read more in-depth on the Trailblazer archetype, read this blog post we shared at the beginning of 2024. 

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What’s In The Trailblazer Cacao Box

Cacao is the perfect medium for delivering superfoods that enhance brain function and build resilience. The cacaos in the Trailblazer Cacao Box can help you channel your potent energy into your work, your projects, and your dreams by optimizing your health and energy levels.

Boundless Belize: For the moments when you feel called to meditation and stillness, so you can make space for the pioneering ideas within you waiting to be discovered.

Mystical Mushroom: To keep your nervous system calm and grounded, nourish your immune system, and support brain function for clear thinking throughout your days.

Vibrant Vitality: For a healthy dose of energy to keep you present and to boost your mood when you need an extra pick-me-up. This blend supports hormone balance and energizes without the jitters of a cup of coffee.

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