Each month, we share a special cacao invocation to help you connect to the spirit of cacao during your rituals.

As we’ve sat with cacao over time, it's become clear that this medicine is teaching us to tune into the rhythms of nature. So we share this prayer with you in honor of the current flow of energy that is surrounding our collective.

Winter is a time for reflection and regeneration. It's that dark liminal space that calls us to slow down, rest, and nourish ourselves after all the work from spring to fall.

Though there are festivities all around, finding time to go within for introspection and regeneration can be beneficial to us now more than ever as we close out the year.

Below are suggested prompts for you to reflect on as you sip cacao this month:

  • How would you like to feel at the end of this year?
  • What are you most grateful for from 2023?
  • What is needed to support yourself now in these times?

December Cacao Invocation

From the Sacred Space of my Heart,

I give thanks to the Great Mystery and its spiraling cycles that constantly bring me back to my center.

From the Sacred Space of my Heart,

I give thanks to the Earth Mother for showing me when it’s time to be like the fire and dance wildly

And when it’s time to be like the water, still, calm, bathed in mystery…

Today I choose stillness, today I become like the water, so that in this space I may hear the whisperings of my own mystery.

From the Sacred Space of my Heart,

I call upon and honor the divinity of cacao

May you wrap around me in loving embrace

Calm my nerves and hold me in your steadiness

So that with ease, I may dissolve into the void of rest, regeneration, and dreams.

We invite you to tune into these words each time you sit with cacao this month or whenever you need some extra support.


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