Recently, we introduced our new Holiday Cacao Gift Guide, with recommendations by archetype,  to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.  

Today, we’re diving into our most popular archetype, The Lover, so you can gain a deeper understanding of this archetype and how to activate it with cacao. 

Who Is The Lover?

The Lover is a passionate, loving, and devoted being that appreciates the beauty and magic of life. This archetype possesses an open heart and prioritizes emotional connection.

The lover is someone who makes decisions from their heart rather than from their head, and it doesn’t only refer to someone romantic, but rather someone who is passionate about bringing love into their relationships and all they do.

They are unafraid to get intimate and vulnerable and hold a great deal of compassion for others. This archetype can also be tied to the Nurturer.

In other esoteric systems, astrologically, the lover archetype corresponds to the planet Venus and the signs of Libra and Taurus. In the Tarot, the lover archetype is symbolized by The Empress. 

Below are some journal prompts to explore your lover archetype:

  • What are you currently wishing to nurture in your life?
  • In what ways can you become more open and vulnerable with those you love and that which you care for?
  • How would you like to beautify your life?
  • Where would you like to bring in more passion?

Tapping into the Lover within you can help you explore all of these questions!

Cacao For The Lover

Tantric Rose Blossom + Glowing Guatemala + Connected Colombia

This trio of cacaos was intentionally put together for their heart-opening qualities. 

Glowing Guatemala is the queen of nurturing in our line of pure cacaos. This cacao activates our softer side, inviting us into deep contemplation.

Tantric Rose Blossom supports you in embodying your sensuality which activates the natural impulse of The Lover to create.

Lastly, Connected Colombia, with its silk-like energy and flavor, transports you into a state of peace and tranquility, allowing you to open to the beauty of life.

A Cacao Ritual For The Lover

All you need is your cacao from the Lover Cacao Box and a small candle.

Each time you sit with your ceremonial cacao, call in the energy of the Lover within you. You may ask for support in activating this energy in a specific part of your life you’d like to awaken the Lover. (Ex: Romantic relationship, self-love work, projects, partnerships)

  • Speak into your cup whatever aspects of the lover you are calling in.
  • After taking your first sip, light your candle as a symbol of igniting the passion within.
  • Gaze into your candle as you sip on your cacao envisioning yourself embodying the Lover.
  • Finish by journaling what you have visualized or any other message that wishes to come through from this energy.


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