The last couple months we’ve been fielding many questions along the lines of: “has your cacao been lab tested for heavy metals, and is it safe to consume?”

The answer to both questions is YES. Long before the recent flurry of news about heavy metals in chocolate bars, we’ve been doing extensive lab tests on our products to ensure their safety. 

Unfortunately the recent news blitz got a lot of facts incorrect and has thrown everybody for a spin. You can check out our initial response here.

For total transparency, we want to offer you our most recent set of lab test results for cadmium. 

All of the test results are reported in ppm (parts per million). The legal threshold for 100% cacao, established by California’s Proposition 65, is 0.960ppm currently, and it is set to reduce to 0.800ppm in 2025. 

Glowing Guatemala

0.281 ppm

Mystical Mushroom

0.352 ppm

Oaxacan Spice

0.377 ppm

Tantric Rose Blossom

0.095 ppm

Thriving Tanzania

0.090 ppm

Vibrant Vitality

0.385 ppm

As you can see, all of our results are already more than 50% below the 2025 legal limit.

The thing is, what you probably don’t know about these numbers and can’t tell by looking at the table, is that the legal limit in California’s Proposition 65 already has a VERY LARGE safety factor built in. So, we’re not just 2 times below what is safe, we’re over 300 times below it. 

Next email - we’ll show you our simple math that we used to determine that safety factor, and we’ll discuss why we think that is an extraordinarily good safety factor. We’ll also show the safety factor the media used, and how they completely got it wrong. 

In the meantime, enjoy that cup of cacao worry free!

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