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Vegan Keto Ethical GMO-Free Soy-Free Sugar-Free Regenerative

Vegan Keto Ethical GMO-Free Soy-Free Sugar-Free Regenerative

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Pure 100% Ceremonial Cacao

Our pure cacaos are made from a single ingredient, organic cacao beans, that are minimally processed to create a user-friendly cacao disc for eating or making a cup of liquid cacao. While each pure cacao is the same ingredient, each has a different flavor and energetic profile that showcases cacao in all it’s uniqueness. We offer the widest selection of 100% cacaos in the US, directly and ethically traded with small farmers across a number of indigenous communities. Unlike other companies that may have a single 100% cacao offering in their lineup of otherwise sweetened products, we specialize in 100% cacaos - this is the foundation of what we do.

Enhanced 100% Ceremonial Cacao

Enhanced cacaos are more than a “flavor”. Each one is an entirely unique experience of cacao as a medicine, bringing potent medicinal and energetic qualities. Through our custom process and global sourcing, we grind only the highest quality whole food ingredients into our 100% cacaos. Due to the vasodilating and cardiac stimulant properties of the cacao base, it acts as an optimal delivery mechanism for the superfoods we carefully select. These are a beautiful way to expand your ceremony beyond our pure cacaos and very highly reviewed by our fans!