Cacao 101 Course - Day 17

Today's Cacao: Connected Colombia

As a resilient plant whose genus has been dated over 12 million years old, cacao carries tremendous wisdom of the ages. One of the wise teachings that cacao carries is the importance of gratitude.

Not only does cacao call us to cultivate a state of gratitude if we wish to be in right relationship with it, but the spirit of cacao also helps us enter into states of gratitude through the reinforcement of neural pathways that include more joy, love, presence, and connection.

A First Nations teacher describes gratitude as "the words that come before all else." It is even said by people of many indigenous traditions that giving thanks and praise is a practice that literally feeds all life.

As you'll recall, cacao is here to reconnect us to the sacredness of life. So when we spend time in gratitude with this sacred medicine, we create a deeper connection to everything surrounding us.

Today we focus on gratitude because having the opportunity to access and prepare ceremonial cacao is a great gift.

Once, this medicine was prohibited in indigenous communities by Spanish colonizers. Thanks to courageous elders and communities who took care of this sacred seed to ensure it wasn't lost, we are now in times where cacao is reaching hearts worldwide. Take a moment to contemplate this.

Giving gratitude before taking your first sip is essential and a wonderful pillar to have in your practice. How long you take to give gratitude may vary. It can last from 30 seconds to elaborate offerings of hours! Whichever way you choose to go, what's most important is that you tune into gratitude.

As a Mayan elder says, "We live in times where it is no longer about being grateful, but rather it is about BEING gratitude and embodying it in everything we do."

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Reflection for day 17

  • What are you most grateful for throughout this experience with cacao?

  • Did you notice a shift in your energy, feelings after you dedicated time to giving gratitude?

  • Is there any aspect of your life you have taken for granted? Take a moment to give thanks