After you order cacao, you'll automatically receive an email with a special affiliate link and code. Share it with your favorite humans - they get 10% off their first order!



    You earn 15% of every new order. After 10 referrals, you earn 20% of every new order and get a free cacao kit 🤎.



    Redeem your earnings monthly (once you get above $10). Your first 10 referrals get paid out as an Ora gift card. After 10 referrals, you can get paid out with PayPal, bank transfer, or a Visa gift card.

Why We Offer This Program

We want to empower you to share your love and passion for Ora Cacao - and we want you to benefit from doing so!

As a small business, it means the world to us when you help us grow. 

And the more our ceremonial cacao is shared, the more we’re able to benefit the farming communities who grow our cacao - by paying above market rate prices through direct trade. 

We're in this together - to create a movement of respecting not only cacao as medicine, but food as medicine. To move from mindless consumption to intentional receiving the gifts of the earth.


How does it work?

1. After you purchase from Ora Cacao, you'll receive an email with your special referral code.

2. Share your code/link with your friends. They receive 10% off their first order.

3. Each time someone makes their first purchase with your referral code/link, you'll earn 15% of their order. After 10 referrals, you'll receive 20% of all referred new orders. (You only earn on the first order of new customers.)

4. Your earnings are paid out monthly as an Ora Cacao gift card for your first 10 referrals. After 10 referrals, you'll receive a prepaid Visa gift card. 

How do I get a code / link?

As an Ora customer, you'll receive an email with your special referral code and link. (We can't customize the link).

If you didn't receive your code/link, get in touch with our customer support team.

How Do I Know When I've Earned?

We'll email you when a referral is completed. Also, after your first referral we will email you to create a login to an affiliate dashboard, where you can monitor your referral history and earnings redemptions.

When do I get paid?

You'll receive an email within the first 5 business days of the month with the previous month’s earnings.

How Do I Get Paid?

For your first 10 referrals, you'll receive 10% of their orders as a gift card to Ora Cacao.

When you have over 10 referrals, your earnings will be paid through a prepaid visa card.

Can I Be Removed From the Program?

Yes. We carefully monitor the health and well-being of our program to ensure that all referrals are legitimate (i.e. you can't refer yourself - and any referrals shipped to the address on file for the affiliate will not receive commission).

Violation of our terms and conditions is considered fraud.

We reserve the right to revoke your program eligibility at any time for any reason, which could result in the forfeit of unpaid earnings.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Our affiliate network is designed for our customers and true believers in our product - accordingly, no commissions originating from coupon sites, paid ads, discount sites, and other non first-hand sources are allowed.  We reserve the right to review and deny any commission for violation of the terms and spirit of the above at our sole discretion.

Commission Fees

Ora Cacao affiliates earn a tiered commission rate for the first order from new customers to Ora Cacao. We reserve the right to reverse commissions due to returns, order cancellations and erroneous order duplications. We also reserve the right to defer or refuse commissions for disputed orders or orders we reject and cannot fulfill.

Discount Aggregators

We do not allow the sharing of codes to discount aggregators such as Honey, Coupon Bird, Coupert, WeThrift, and many others. If your code is found on these platforms you will lose your referral commissions and be banned from the program. 

Direct linking a.k.a. URL hijacking

Direct linking to the Ora Cacao website when in the same marketplace is prohibited. Links in ads from affiliates should point to their landing pages, not the Ora Cacao Website. This will prevent Affiliate ad placement competition with Ora Cacao ad placement and ad serving frequency. The exception to this is if you as an affiliate are advertising in a different place than Ora Cacao.

Domain registration

All Affiliates are prohibited from registering domains that contain the Ora Cacao  brand name and or typos of the Ora Cacao brand.

Link cloaking

All link cloaking done through unauthorized methods or for the purpose of evading Ora Cacao is Prohibited.

Compliance with search engine rules

All Ora Cacao affiliates are required to follow the editorial guidelines of each search engine. For example, the landing page must match the display URL, and no redirects or jump pages that immediately redirect to your website.

Evasion is Prohibited

All Ora Cacao affiliates are prohibited from using evasion tactics to hide the affiliate link when the visits are from either you or from search engine editorial bots checking on paid ads.

Violation of laws, rules and regulations.

All Ora Cacao affiliates performing email marketing, are required to comply with the “can spam” act. All Ora Cacao affiliates who operate editorial publications must also comply with new rules from the FTC when they are endorsing or recommending Ora Cacao products which require disclosure that the website is a compensated affiliate.

Prohibited Ad copy and landing page copy

Ora cacao affiliates may not use Ora Cacao brand in ad copy text or in the display URL

Ora cacao affiliates may not use false advertising or any claim that shows you or your competitors in a false or misleading light

Ora cacao affiliates may not promote old invalid offers that have expired

Ora cacao affiliates may not use certain words such as “official” or “free”

Ora cacao affiliates may not copy Ora Cacao landing pages, courses, or newsletters. Affiliates must have their own unique landing pages.


Press releases

All Ora Cacao affiliates are prohibited from using the Ora Cacao brand for press releases.


Fraudulent commissions
All Ora Cacao affiliates are prohibited from fraudulent activities like cookie stuffing, link interception and falsifying orders.

I Feel Like I Should Have Earned, Why Isn't There A Payment Yet?

First, check in with your friend to see if they've actually made a purchase. (Oftentimes, people need a little reminder).

And remember - you only earn on the first order of new customers.

If you've met these criteria, check in with our customer support team.