Energize with Cacao Instead of Coffee

Ceremonial cacao gives a grounded energy boost without the jitters and crash. It's a long lasting, embodied, and gentle energy.


Ethical Trade Regenerative Agroforestry USDA Organic Sugar-Free Third Party Metals Tested Vegan & Keto GMO-Free & Soy-Free

Ethical Trade Regenerative Agroforestry USDA Organic Sugar-Free Third Party Metals Tested Vegan & Keto GMO-Free & Soy-Free

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ENERGIZE ⚡️ with Cacao FAQS

How Does Cacao Energize?

The primary stimulant molecule in cacao is actually theobromine. Ora Cacao has 212mg theobromine per 1oz serving. Theobromine is a mild cardiac stimulant, and differs molecularly from caffeine which is a nervous system stimulant. Theobromine gives a long lasting, gentle, embodied energy without any sort of jitters or crash, even for sensitive people. Overall, theobromine is only about one quarter as stimulating as caffeine, and it has a much longer half life in the liver, meaning that it's effect on the body is softer and longer for sustained energy.

Does Cacao Have Caffeine?

We’ve tested our cacao and it has 36 mg of caffeine per 1 oz serving, or about 1/3 of what a regular cup of coffee has. It sounds like a lot, but 1mg of caffeine in cacao is not equivalent to 1mg of caffeine in coffee, because cacao has many other compounds that balance and down-regulate the caffeine.

One of these key compounds is cacao butter, which is 50% of the cacao itself. This healthy natural fat slows down the absorption of caffeine into your body (very similar to a bullet proof coffee).

When should I drink cacao?

You can fully or partially substitute your cup of coffee with a cup of cacao. If you are new to cacao we recommend drinking it before 2pm so that the stimulant effect has time to clear before you need to sleep. You can drink it daily, unlike the depleting properties of coffee it's super healthy for you --> learn about the minerals in cacao here!

Tell me More about Theobromine

In addition to it's stimulant properties mentioned above, theobromine is also a vasodilator (it relaxes blood vessels), so it has a neutral effect on blood pressure. The improved circulation from cacao is excellent for cardiac health, and improves absorption of the nutrients in cacao and superfoods that it is paired with.

How is this different than Cacao Powder?

We typically tell our customers that cacao powder has little medicinal or health value because of the following differences:

1) Cacao powder is often made with untraceable, low quality commodity cacao that doesn’t support farmers with ethical compensation. By contrast, Ora sources direct trade traceable to the farmer and with organic certification.

2) This low quality input necessitates processing at very high temperatures, which degrades many of the beneficial compounds in cacao. The process of dutch processing or alkalization to make the flavor milder further reduces the levels of these compounds. By contrast, Ora's premium inputs enable us to use uniquely low temperature processing that keep the value of the cacao bean intact.

3) The cacao bean on it's own is about 50% cacao butter, a healthy natural fat. Pressing for powder strips away most of this fat (reducing it to 10%). However, you want cacao as a whole food, with the cacao butter in it's natural ratio. That's because the fat is an essential carrier for the health benefits of cacao, so without it, many of the health benefits of cacao are unrealized. By contrast, Ora ceremonial cacao has nothing added or removed, so it is a whole food as nature designed it.

How do I prepare it?

To prepare a ceremonial cacao drink:

1) Combine about 25 cacao discs with a touch of sweetener (or drink pure).

2) Add 3/4 cup (6oz) hot water, tea, or mylk (~180F).

3) Use a blender or electric frother to mix for 10 seconds.

** You can also eat the cacao discs straight

*** You can also add cacao to your coffee to make a delicious mocha (in case you have no intention of getting off coffee but also love cacao)

  • My New Ritual

    My New Ritual

    I needed to drastically reduce my coffee intake.... the research pointed me towards cacao as an energizing and mood boosting alternative. I did not realize this was the ritual I needed in my life. I only need one cup and I feel ready for my day... coffee always woke me up but left me wanting more and more throughout the day. Still loving coffee but as a treat instead of a constant.

    - Naomi K.

  • LOVE


    I've stopped drinking coffee as it's really quick hard hitting energy makes me more so jittery and then falls off. So replacing this with cacao has made a massive difference in my everyday life. This is the highest quality cacao I've had. Cacao gives me a real loving, subtle, flow of consistent energy for the day and all the benefits that come with drinking it.

    - Kelsey W.

  • Bye Bye Coffee

    Bye Bye Coffee

    I just switched cold turkey from a 3 or 4 cup coffee habit to a single cup of cacao each morning. Taking a moment for thought and gratitude really makes the morning better. No jittery-ness or snarky-ness from the coffee. I'm amazed that it was so easy to switch. I have no desire for coffee now. And the ethics and care given by Ora is wonderful.

    - Candice T.

Top Pick For Optimal Energy

The trail blazer cacao box is a selection of three cacaos that support bringing your powerful energy and creativity to your work and service, contributing to a better world for us all.


Our pure cacaos are made from a single ingredient, organic cacao beans, that are minimally processed to maintain the health benefits and energetic integrity of the cacao. Each cacao is ethically sourced from a single region and has a different flavor profile, essence, and energetic effect.

Cacao upgraded with superfoods! Cacao acts as an optimal delivery mechanism for the superfoods we carefully select, because it acts as a vasodilator and cardiac stimulant. Each enhanced cacao is a unique medicinal experience to support specific intentions.

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