Cacao 101 Course - Day 7

Wow! That flew by fast. We’re officially at the end of our first week of the 21-day cacao wellness challenge.

We congratulate you for making it this far and for your commitment to learning more about cacao and your wellbeing.

Now that we’ve gotten through some of the educational material, it’s time to get to know cacao in the cup starting tomorrow!

Here’s what you can expect in week 2:

• Beginning to feel the effect of cacao on your body, mind, and spirit
• Getting to know the spirit of cacao
• Connecting to the elements with cacao and visual meditations as your guides!

Reflection for day 7

What have you learned over the past 7 days about cacao that has been most impactful to you?
How has your understanding of cacao and its importance shifted since you began this journey?