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Vegan Keto Ethical GMO-Free Soy-Free Sugar-Free Regenerative

Ksenia's Journey with Cacao

It was love at first sip. Ceremonial cacao entered Ksenia’s life at a ceremony at the Yoga Barn in Bali during her year of nomadic adventures. Nothing was quite the same after that heart-opening experience. 

Ceremonial cacao is a grounding ritual, a coming home, an inner adventure, and a love language for anyone who visits Ksenia in her home sanctuary.

One day, Ksenia went online and ordered all the ceremonial cacao brands she could find. She then intentionally sat with each one, landing on Ora Cacao as one of her very favorites. 

Her favorite cacaos are Connected Colombia (the smoothness is unparalleled) and Tantric Rose Blossom (perfect choice for a solo self-love cacao journey, or enjoyed with someone you love).

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Watch Ksenia's "Cacao Ritual For New Beginnings"

About Ksenia

After experiencing cacao impact every area of her life, from personal relationships, to business, and creative self-expression (cacao helped her launch her podcast), Ksenia heard a whisper to use her love for digital storytelling to spread the medicine of cacao far and wide.

She wrote the blog post, What Is Cacao Ceremony? Cacao Preparation, Rituals, Physical And Metaphysical Benefits, which has been read over 150,000 times by people all around the globe. 

Introducing people to cacao as a playful ally on the journey of being the artist of your own life is one of Ksenia’s biggest joys in life. She has led group cacao experiences and frequently is called to bring cacao into her conscious social media and mentorship offerings

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