Happy Valentine’s Day!

At the beginning of this week, we shared a solo cacao ritual for self-love and now we’re sharing a beautiful cacao ritual for you and your beloved.

The practice we share below was shared with us a by Romany and Eduardo from Couples Cacao, we hope you enjoy it!

You can save this practice not just for a yearly Valentine’s Day tradition but for whenever you feel you need to stoke the fires in your relationship.

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Couples Cacao Ceremony

We invite you and your partner now to make some cacao, with all the spices and ingredients you love most, and drop in together with this simple practice:

  • Sit comfortably facing one another. With both hands, lift up your mug of cacao to your heart space, the center of your chest, and close your eyes. Tune into the breath and allow your body and mind to relax.

  • Mindfully smell your cacao, breathing it in deeply. Begin noticing all the sensations in and around your body. Notice how it feels to take a moment with your partner in silence, and simply savor the feeling of being in presence together. Take your first sip together in this spaciousness.

  • When it feels right, either you or your partner will begin speaking aloud what you’re grateful for that day. Let your heart open and expand, filling up with the deepest thanks you feel for life, for love, for health, for the lessons you’re learning, the people you care for, and the mystery and miracles that may be showing up for you at this time. Whatever it may be, big or small, simply allow yourself to sink into your heart space and interconnectedness with all-that-is.

  • When you complete your gratitude sharing, take a big, delicious and mindful sip of cacao. I like to imagine that after I offer my love and thanks to the world, I then receive love and thanks in return from cacao.

  • After allowing a moment of space, it’s the other person’s turn to share.

  • For the remaining time that you’re sipping your cacao, see what naturally arises in the space. Perhaps there’s more to be shared, and in this intentional space, you can take time to speak with love and listen with compassion to one another – to come into resonance and appreciation.

  • When you’re ready to end, close the space by taking a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath in together. As you exhale, a smile might arise on your lips, and you may like to open your eyes and give each other a hug and kiss. May your day be blessed!

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘thank you’, it will be enough.” - Meister Eckhart


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