The past two weeks in our weekly Virtual Cacao Ceremonies, we’ve shared practices for connecting to the natural elements. 

They’ve made for some profound experiences within the container, so much so that we wanted to share one of these practices with you so that you can add it into your next cacao ritual!

Connect To The Elements

Cacao has the capacity to connect you to all the elements.

It holds this power in part because of the process that it goes through from seed to cup. We can see this on the cacao farms. Water from the abundant tropical rains nourishes cacao’s growth. The equatorial heat from the fiery sun combined with the fertility of the Earth makes for perfect growing conditions. And a gentle breeze in the understory plays an essential role for healthy cacao pods by keeping disease vectors at bay.

Here’s the elemental cacao practice from our virtual ceremony! Of course, if you’d like to go deeper and have guidance through it, we suggest watching this cacao ceremony!

As you sit down to drink your cacao, close your eyes, and settle in, taking deep breaths to shift your state of consciousness into one of connection. As you hold your cup of cacao in hand, tune into all of your senses, one by one.

Next, you will begin to tune into each element and dedicate a sip of cacao to each one.

🔥 Beginning with fire, take notice of the warmth of the cup beneath your hands. Notice the heat of your body and any other sources of warmth. As you breathe, ask to hear, feel, and sense the spirit of fire within you. Fire is passion, motivation, and the power of transformation. How is the element of fire doing within you? What is your prayer to the element of fire in this moment? When you have that, take a nice long sip.

💨 Move into the element of air, taking notice of your breath and the aroma of cacao. See if you can slow down your breath, and fully fill and empty your lungs a few times. Air is thoughts, words, and clarity of vision. What perceptions or images arise as you are present with your breath? How is the element of air doing within you? What is your prayer to the element of air in this moment? When you have that, take a nice long sip.

🌊 Bring your attention to the element of water. Swirling the liquid in your cup of cacao around, you can ask cacao here to connect you to your emotions, and to your heart center. Water is our emotions, fluidity, and our hearts. How is the element of water doing within you? What is your prayer to the element of water in this moment? Once you feel it, take a nice long sip.

🌎 Now focus on the element of Earth. As you hold your cup of cacao in hand, envision roots growing from the base of your spine down into the Earth. Earth is abundance, sustenance, and strength. How is the element of earth doing within you? What is your prayer to the element of earth in this moment? Take another sip of cacao with the intention to tune into the grounding power of the Earth and all of her abundance. 

Now that you've connected to all four elements, ask if there is a specific element you need to work with more right now. Is it passion, motivation, or transformation? Then you’ll want to call upon fire. Are you wanting to refine your expression, communication or perceptions? Turn to air. Is it allowing yourself to flow and express your emotions? Call upon water. Are you wishing to feel more abundant, sustained, or strong? Then Earth can be a great ally. 

Finish by writing a prayer to your chosen element!

Here is a beautiful example from one of our cacao ceremony members, Athena, who wrote to the element of Earth 🌿

Dear Earth,

Thank you for holding me and supporting me. I love you. Thank you for your motherly, nurturing care.

I pray that I am able to call upon you and lean into your groundedness and feel rooted amidst my travels.

Please help me to remember that I’m always taken care of. You, Mama Gaia, Pachamama, are such a rock. Thank you for providing me with exactly what I need in divine timing, always. You are so abundant, overflowing with infinite love.

Nature is always teaching me how to live my life with even more trust and alignment. Thank you for your pure, natural, raw beauty. Thank you for showing me I just get to be me and show up in my beautiful, radiant essence and energy and that is more than enough. I appreciate all you have done for me and will continue to do for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. With all my love and gratitude.

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