At the beginning of this week, we shared how you can enhance your cacao rituals with affirmations.

Combining affirmations and cacao works with the energy center of the throat. The throat is the seat of self-expression, your ability to communicate, and even the power of choice. Cacao connects you to your inner voice, intuition, and emotional and spiritual bodies, which allows you to speak and act from a more authentic place.

With intention, cacao can help you heal imbalances in your communication, the boundaries you set (power of choice), and your ability to express yourself fully. 

Cacao & Your Throat Chakra

If you like the idea of using affirmations, the primary statement related to the throat energy center is “I express.” Some other affirmations include: 

  • I am open to expressing my truth
  • I speak from an authentic and empowered place
  • I am unafraid to express my truth in all aspects of my life


If you know you are going to have a difficult conversation, or something you are afraid of confronting through your communication, sit with a meditation dose beforehand (about 20 grams of cacao). Set the intention to be centered in your heart, so that you may speak from your heart. You may even want to journal what it is you need to express so that you can reflect on how you are delivering your truth.

If you are working on a creative art project but are feeling blocked due to discouraging thoughts or lack of inspiration, try bringing cacao into the space. Just before you get started on creating, you can drink a meditation dose of 20-30 grams of cacao and set the intention to allow your expression to flow, free of any judgments. As little children, we had access to create in a liberated way because there was no mind involved. What would happen in your expression if you reconnected to this essence?

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