Each month carries its own energy. And as we’ve sat with cacao, over time, it has become clearer and clearer that this medicine is teaching us to tune into the rhythms of nature. So with that, we share with you a monthly prayer to cacao to help us tune into what we intuitively feel is the energy of the month.

In the month of December, as we officially move into winter, we invoke the energy of SURRENDER and REGENERATION. We will be communing with the energy of winter over the next three months which invites us to continue our journey deeper into ourselves and the depth of The Great Mystery. It is in that dark space that we can access the fertile soil that will hold our dreams and visions as they bloom beginning in the spring. Now is the time to rest, now is the time to allow for moments of silence, to listen, and to dissolve into the flow of life. There cannot be life without a time of gestation, winter is that time.

December's Cacao Invocation

From the Sacred Space of my Heart,

I give thanks to the Great Mystery and its spiraling cycles that constantly bring me back to my center.

From the Sacred Space of my Heart,

I give thanks to the Earth Mother for showing me when it’s time to be like the fire and dance wildly

and when it’s time to be like the water, still, calm, bathed in mystery…

Today I choose stillness, today I become like the water, so that in that space I may hear the whisperings of my own mystery.

From the Sacred Space of my Heart

I call upon and honor the divinity of cacao

May you wrap around me in loving embrace

Calm my nerves and hold me in your steadiness

So that with ease I may dissolve into the void of rest, regeneration, and dreams.




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