The energies we are focusing on this month are wisdom and reflection. In the Northern Hemisphere, October is the first full month of Autumn, which offers an invitation to turn inward, slow down, and take stock. It’s a time to form a deeper commitment to self-care and transmuting the mundane into the sacred. Life is a ceremony, after all.

We invite you to tune into the following words each time you sit with cacao this month or call upon it whenever you need a reminder to rest and reflect.


Invocation Of The Month | October

Thank you for this season of slowing down and inward turning

Give me the wisdom to know that I am part of nature, and as the seasons shift, so do I.

Remind me that each moment is sacred and an opportunity to shine my light through the wisdom that dwells within.

During this time of harvest, help me reflect on all my growth and the growth of my community, focusing on what has brought me joy, peace, harmony, and expansion.

Through these loving words, I call upon my most evolved self, and the spirit of love to give me the courage to explore myself, because it is there that my truth lives.

Help me remember that stillness is medicine too.

So, in moments of restlessness, help me remember that I am not just here to “do”, I am here to “BE” and that it is safe to bask in the arms of rest and reflection.


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