Welcome to Part 2 of your May Ritual Report!

If you missed Part 1, you can take a look here for ritual inspiration, though certain astrological events have passed, you can always work with these rituals at the time you’d like.

This ritual report highlights two cosmic occurrences and one national day so you can choose which days you’d like to make extra special with your cacao ritual.

Each day is an opportunity to go deeper with your ceremony by dedicating more time, planning a more involved ritual, perhaps increasing your cacao dose, or planning ahead for a group ritual with friends, loved ones, and the larger community.

May Ritual Report | Part 2

Friday, May 19th | New Moon In Taurus

This year, the new moon in Taurus is all about connecting to the physical world, its pleasures, what makes us feel safe, and what makes us feel steady. When we create strong foundations, we have space to thrive in our lives, and foundations first begin as a seed in our heart.

Today is a day to get inspired in your ritual and to begin dreaming up some plans. Turn to Vibrant Vitality to harness a deep connection with the energy of Taurus, steadiness, inspiration, enjoyment, and take some time to get clear on what fresh beginnings you want to have. What seeds do you wish to plant on this new moon? Where are you looking to create more security? Once you feel clear on this, create a heart-centered action plan.

Sunday, May 21st | Sun Enters Gemini

Gemini season arrives on this day! Gemini loves communication and adaptability and enjoys fresh ideas and adventures, so you can expect from May 21st - June 21st to carry these themes.

To connect to the spicy and creative energy that Gemini season can bring, go for Boundless Belize Cacao.

It could be fun to make a list of adventures you’d like to have during the coming summer months!

Tuesday, May 30th | National Creativity Day

Cacao is an amazing ally for awakening and nurturing our innate creativity. On this day, begin by getting creative with how you prep your cacao and check out some of these recipes from our Creative Ceremonial Cacao Recipes blog posts.

From here, you can choose one of your favorite creative activities, like singing, dancing, or painting, and accompany it with a cup of Thriving Tanzania to bring uplifting energy into the space, allowing cacao to guide you deeper into your creativity with each sip.

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