Cacao 101 Course - Day 6

The last two days we've learned how cacao as a medicine works on both the physical body and mental health. Today, we'll explore how cacao completes the picture by supporting humans on nonlinear matters of the spirit.

In many ways, spirituality is a deeply personal matter. When we talk about spirituality, we inquire about how you individually make sense of your life. Is it simply random circumstance, or is there a reason you are alive in human form on this planet in 2023? Have you ever had a vision that has guided you, or access to creativity beyond your ordinary state of consciousness? Do you experience synchronicity? How do you relate to dreams? Have you ever had a miraculous healing or spontaneous awakening?

There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions - our lives are a living mystery. All of these questions are of a shamanic nature - they walk the line between the human and non-human experience. If you feel called, cacao can be a tremendous support for living in inquiry into this mystery of your life.

We've found cacao to be incredibly empowering, helping people to inquire into and discover their purpose in this lifetime, connect to the divine in its many forms for guidance, and move with greater intuition on a day to day basis. Cacao can help you find meditative calm to see the big picture with and make grounded decisions, and cacao can help you move through debilitating grief or overpowering anger. Many people describe cacao as a mothering spirit, that meets all parts of you with an essence of unconditional motherly love.

Cacao is incredibly versatile, and can produce a wide variety of effects and experiences in people to meet them and support them with what they need most. We invite you to be curious about what cacao has to teach you. We've found cacao to be talkative, playful, and full of wisdom. We've been consistently surprised by the clarity and guidance that we've found when we bring our deepest questions to our ceremonies with cacao.

Connecting with cacao ceremonially is inviting in a sacred ally into your life, if you desire it. Once you begin your journey of drinking your cacao daily starting on day 8, we invite you to keep a journal handy to especially to observe the inexplicable, for example the intuitions, the dreams, and the synchronicities that may guide you.

Reflection for day 6

Today we invite you to reflect on your personal spirituality. Do you trust the path of your life? Do you feel a sense of connection? Do you have moments of feeling guided? Are you able to access your gut instinct and intuition? How often do you dream? Do you connect with ancestors from your past? In what areas do you feel connected, or disconnected? How would you like to see your sense of spirituality expand? Are there people or places you go to for spiritual guidance?

Do you have a question that the cacao spirit could help you with? An area of your life in which you feel stuck, in which your usual tools might not be working?