As a company whose offering is a heart-opening medicine, our company culture (the one you may not see but that is in constant motion) must remain aligned with the values of ceremony, ritual, and the well-being of the Earth.







These are keywords that inform the way that we do work at Ora Cacao because we know that the way that we do things, how we create, what we offer, and how we share will directly impact your experience with cacao.

In a time when many work cultures ask people to push constantly, we’ve recognized it is essential for us to keep a balance between ceremony and the physical world. To be sustainable, our team can’t hit the threshold of burnout, no matter how excited we are about sharing cacao. So our company culture encourages balance and flexibility so that our team thrives and our passion can run strong.

The way that we work is unique, and we love that, as it feels like the spirit of cacao accompanies us in our flow. At the end of the day, our intention is to be in service of the plant, its message, and the people who are wishing to connect with cacao, such as you.

Coming back to the altar, sitting with the medicine of cacao, and asking for the big picture is really what informs everything.

Many companies and businesses don’t have this holistic mindset as the central guiding force. For us to have cacao guiding everything we do, is clarifying for us, and helps us make decisions to be on the same page. 

To be in synergy.

We hope that you can feel this in each sip. 

Love, dedication, honesty, reverence, and gratitude. 

Learn About Our Vision & Ethics

We know that in our congruence, you too, can work in the best way possible with this plant spirit, no matter your intention.
Today, we are happy to share with you a video in which you can learn more about the vision and ethics behind Ora Ceremonial Cacao!
You can watch it here or click the image above. 

We hope you enjoy it, and look forward to sharing more about Ora's ethics and mission. 

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La Mission Ora

Nous fabriquons le meilleur cacao cérémoniel qui soit pur, accessible et facile à utiliser. Nos produits et services sont notre activisme sacré en réponse à une industrie du chocolat consommatrice et exploitante. Nous tirons parti de notre accès et de nos privilèges pour la guérison à l'échelle locale et mondiale, en repoussant les limites avec un bilan de vérité, des partenariats solides et une qualité irréprochable pour nous soutenir.