If we slow down enough to observe nature, we can follow her lead as to what energy to focus on this month: the leaves begin to fall (letting go), the colors and weather change (transformation), and the days grow shorter, inviting us inward.

So, as we begin this new month, we share your Cacao Invocation for October. 

This invocation allows you to attune yourself and your cacao ritual to all of these beautiful October themes of letting go, opening to transformation, and reflection.

May this bring you inspiration and insight.

Our invitation is that you say this prayer each time you sit with cacao this month and watch what magic unfolds.

Cacao Invocation | October

From the center of my heart, I give thanks to the ever-changing forces of Life.
May the changing leaves, the shorter days, and the ebbs and flows of the cosmos inform my being.
As I attune to the language of the Earth, I hear her say, “it is time to slow down, reflect, let go, and change”
May my heart remain open to the possibilities beyond the unknown, may my mind remain a centered ally ready for the new to emerge, and may my spirit stay strong, so as Transformation embraces me, I am grounded in knowing, all is well and all is as it’s meant to be.
Through the sacred medicine of cacao, I am fortified in mind, body, heart, and spirit.
I cultivate trust, peace, harmony, and steadiness in my moments of slowing down with this sacred plant ally.
So today, I choose to listen to the language of the Earth. I slow down, I reflect, I let go, I transform.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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