Cultivating a profound connection to any plant medicine requires knowing its history, where it comes from, and its importance within its cultural matrix.

As we often mention, it's just like having a relationship with someone. The more you know about their history, where they come from, and what matters to them, the more intimate you can become.

Today, we wish to share with you about the Arhuaco tribe from Colombia, the cultivators of our Connected Colombia Cacao.

Connected Colombia Cacao instills feelings of peace, interconnectedness to life, and a sense of harmony with nature. 

The energy this cacao carries isn't just by coincidence; you can truly tie it back to the land and tradition it comes from; the Arhuaco's view on life, their cultural practices, and their ancient origins.

The Arhuaco's Ancient Origins

The Arhuaco tribe, also known as the Ika or Bintukwa, trace their lineage back thousands of years before the Spanish colonizers arrived. It is believed that they are descendants of the Tairona people, an ancient civilization renowned for their advanced agricultural techniques, intricate goldsmithing, and advanced social structures.

You can find them in the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia. They consider this incredible mountain range the "Heart Of The World." Finding themselves here, they say they have been chosen as guardians of this sacred territory, responsible for maintaining its ecological balance and spiritual harmony, which directly impacts the rest of Mother Earth.

With this great responsibility, the Arhuaco tribe maintains planetary balance and harmony by making ritual payments to the Earth in gratitude for her services during intricate meditation exercises.

Led By Spirit, Nature, & The Connection Of It All

As guardians of this Earth, the Arhuaco tribe is guided by the belief that everything in the world is interconnected, from plants and animals to rivers and mountains.

They know what affects one affects all.

You can see their respect for the Earth and all of life through their agricultural practices.

They employ ancient and sustainable agricultural practices such as terraced fields and crop rotation techniques to ensure soil fertility. Their deep understanding of ecological balance allows them to live in harmony with nature, fostering a sustainable relationship with the land that has sustained their communities for generations.

Guidance from Spirit plays a significant role in the Arhuaco tribe's everyday life. Their society is led by chosen spiritual leaders known as Mamos. These leaders are chosen at a very young age and must undergo very rigorous training to hold this role within their community which usually lasts anywhere from 9-18 years. As leaders of the Arhuaco tribe, they preserve tradition, transmit ancestral wisdom, and guide their people in land management, ritual, and maintaining balance and harmony.

Cultural Preservation

The Arhuaco are a resilient people who have survived the test of time and the challenges of colonization. The cacao you get to experience with our Connected Colombia Cacao comes from a cacao-growing tradition that dates back over 600 years! Yet when they lost their ancestral lands, their practices around cacao faded away.

Fortunately, their territory has recently been recognized as a "living being”, meaning it now receives federal protection. Through this recuperation of their land, they have regained access to their ancestral cacao-growing territory, and their knowledge of cacao is coming back strong to be shared with us. This is some of the very first cacao they've grown.

It is such an honor for us to be able to share their sacred medicine with you.

We hope you can feel how learning more about this wonderful tradition and tribe nurtures your relationship with this cacao.

We encourage you to keep digging more about this tradition if you feel called! 

May cacao guide the way. 

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