Springtime is just around the corner, and the energy of these times lends itself to the sprouting of our dreams and what we want to give life to. So, the theme we’ve chosen for our monthly Cacao Invocation series this month is REBIRTH. Hopefully, you gave yourself the opportunity to cocoon a bit during the wintertime to reflect, rest, and review. If not, take the opportunity now to do so using our suggested prompts for closing out last month here:

What intentions did you set this past month? Did you make progress on any of them? If not, what needs to shift?

What did you love most about this month? What did you not like so much?

How have you grown and transformed this month?

What is the most important intention you’d like to commit to for the new month ahead?

The following prompts are for you to reflect on leading up to the Spring Equinox on March 19th:

  • What am I ready to release in order to open up to new life?
  • What do I wish to dedicate my life-giving creative energy to now and during the spring time?

Below you will find March’s Invocation of The Month. We invite you to work with this invocation throughout the month each time you sit with cacao or wish to remember the beauty of rebirth and new beginnings.

Invocation Of The Month | March

From the sacred space of my heart I give thanks and praise to the beauty and wonder of the forces of life and creation.

From the sacred space of my heart, I give thanks to this cup of cacao, a sacred vessel that brings me back into the fertile lands of my heart.

Thank you for this moment of conscious presence and awareness that brings me back to the essence of the cycles of contraction and expansion that give way to rebirth.

May I breathe the fullest breath, and as I expand into the entirety of my being may life hear my heart sing ‘yes’

Yes to life and its beauty, yes to growth, yes to rebirth, yes to leading from authenticity.

May my exhale be a wind of gratitude, spreading its way all throughout the lands I inhabit, bringing blessing to the spaces and places that need it most at this time.

Thank you to the changes, thank you to the visions, thank you to the dreams that await my beating heart.

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