Cacao 101 Course - Day 13

Today’s Cacao: Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao

Today you will come to know how cacao relates to the element of water and how it activates the element of water within you.

Cacao is highly sensitive to water, and its cultivation requires a reliable source of it. Water is vital for the growth and development of cacao plants. Without sufficient access to water, cacao plants will not be able to grow, flower, and produce their pods.

From the beginning, the cacao beans must be exposed to fertile and moist soils to germinate and grow and moving forward, the tree needs a consistent source of water during the growth cycle.

As you can see, water plays a vital role in the creation of cacao, from seed, all the way to cup when it gets transformed into a drink.

So you now know, that with each sip of cacao, you can activate the element of fire within you, reflected in your passions, and your will. You can activate the element of air through your thoughts and words, and now you will come to know how you can activate the element of water by going into your internal waters.

Cacao is a plant that teaches us to move out of our heads, and into our hearts. The heart is the temple of feeling,

The water aspect of cacao can be observed in how this plant teaches us to tune into our hearts and tap into our emotions, and the ancient within us. It is said that water was the first element. That all came from this space. Just as we all came from the watery womb of our mother.

When you begin to work with the element of water, you begin to activate cellular memory. The memory that reminds you of your connection to life and the importance of feeling and BEING as opposed to thinking.

Water is our connection to our intuition, and our feminine aspects, those that beckon us to flow, to go slower, to be present, to create, to be soft.

Water says, remember that you are connected to all.

Remember that the mystery lives within you.

Remember this is your home.

Remember you are held, loved, and supported.

It’s time for you to set your space, make your cacao, & put on today’s guided meditation 😊

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Reflection for day 13

  • Did you receive any insights as you connected to the element of air?
  • Where in your life do you feel the element of air could be most helpful? Where would you like to develop new perspectives?