Ethical Trade Regenerative Agroforestry USDA Organic Sugar-Free Third Party Metals Tested Vegan & Keto GMO-Free & Soy-Free

Ethical Trade Regenerative Agroforestry USDA Organic Sugar-Free Third Party Metals Tested Vegan & Keto GMO-Free & Soy-Free

Jane's Journey with Cacao

Cacao was brought to my doorstep by a medicine woman in 2017, requesting I ceremonially serve this food of the Gods to her.  Once the Cacao began to flow & merge within my body, a heart-activating transmission was the offering to the medicine woman.  This was the day I realized my divine calling to serve this sacred medicine & share it in reverence.  

Shortly thereafter, I discovered Firefly (now the wonderful Ora) and began to deepen my relationship with this ancient plant spirit.  I had to heal my relationship with Cacao as I sat with her & witnessed how I (and the general population) had mistreated her & overused her.  I asked Great Spirit for an initiation, to show me how to serve this medicine in honor.  I received.  I now travel & share quantum journeys into the heart of Creation with Cacao as my sidekick & ally on this path.

Over the years since the life-altering introduction to ceremonial Cacao, I have facilitated & experienced the powerful healing of Cacao Ceremonies.  Cacao has been an integral component in all of my relationships.  From private & large group quantum healing events, to intimate communion with a Beloved, to conscious uncoupling, and best yet… a key to the doorway that opened & reconciled the relationship with my father!

It’s hard to pick a favorite because they all have their own unique qualities.  I do have a special spot in my heart for the Cacao from Belize & Tanzania, and the Tantric Rose adds an extra oomph to my heart.

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  • Happy Jane in the jungle, grinding cacao to serve in ceremony in Costa Rica

  • Putting the finishing touches on the community-created altar to celebrate the Vernal Equinox with Ceremonial Cacao and ecstatic dance

  • Jane guiding a Cacao Ceremony, calling in the light & love for Mother Earth

About Jane

Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with energy & the subtle body, psychology & how we create life with our thoughts, & the Earth herself with her nourishing love.  I began to cultivate a relationship with plant and spirit medicine in my early 20’s as a means to dive deeper into myself, to experience healing relief & understanding.  

I grew up heavily programmed to chase success through the lens of the “American Dream’.  This path was physically, mentally, & emotionally killing me.  My reclamation journey into my heart began in 2011 with a divorce and was catapulted in 2017 when I quit my job as a successful stylist to pursue a life of purpose.  This was when Sacred Cacao entered my reality. 

I was clearly shown to live in service to Life and Love and to share the messages that flowed from my heart with the compassion of a woman who lived through experiences of trauma, abuse, neglect, addiction, & disordered eating patterns. 

Since then, I have worked with non-profits, schools, and recovery centers.  I have guided those in recovery, experiencing homelessness, and domestic violence to reclaim a sense of worthiness & meaning.  I’ve held men’s groups, women’s groups, taught all eight limbs of yoga, held ecstatic dances & community gatherings, guided meditations for hundreds of people, held sacred ceremony at retreats, been a guest speaker for online health summits, and spoken at festivals & shared my brand of Quantum Spirituality to the masses.  

Cacao has been by my side the entire time.  Now, I travel the world, sharing the medicine of Cacao, sharing my messages & teachings, activating a deep remembrance of the Love we are, while activating codes of the New Earth frequency to assist the shift in the collective consciousness.  


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