Today we wish to share two special cacao ceremonies to inspire you to create a day of love and connection with yourself, with your partner, or with your friends.

Create Your Cacao Ambiance

Before you begin any ceremony, be sure you give yourself time to set the space and get yourself into a relaxed and receptive state of mind.

🎶 Music is a powerful tool to shift any environment and ourselves. Here’s a playlist especially crafted to awaken love, sensuality, and connection to the sacred.

🌹 Set physical/outer space: candles, essential oils (heart-opening oils include Rose, Cypress, Jasmine, Lavender, Melissa, Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang), pillows, blankets, dim lighting, a mirror, a lid or tea saucer to keep your cacao warm, journal, voice note/video recorder.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Set energetic/inner space: tapping on your body, breathing, singing/toning, cleansing energy with other healing plant spirits such as sage or palo santo.

Self-Love Cacao Ceremony

Pair this ceremony with Glowing Guatemala

This cacao ceremony was specially created to be a moment of self-admiration, self-acknowledgment, and self-nurturance.

The Tools: A cup of Glowing Guatemala Cacao, mirror, journal, and pen, your favorite playlist, or the suggested playlist above.

The Ceremony

  1. After setting your space and preparing your cacao, sit in front of your mirror with your cup of cacao in your hands. Before taking your first sip, speak your intentions into your cup of cacao.
  2. Take a full sip of cacao
  3. Close your eyes, and take a few moments to sway your body gently, perhaps following along to the suggested playlist, activating the cacao.
  4. When you feel as though your consciousness has begun to shift, open your eyes and look in the mirror. Take another big sip, and just observe yourself with love. Observe, feel, receive, and look at yourself as though you’re the person who’s most in love with you. Allow yourself a moment of admiration. The strength in your eyes. The comfort and beauty of your smile. Etc.
  5. Now, ask yourself the following prompts, taking a sip allowing your answer to arise in-between each one.
  • The unique and beautiful qualities I most admire about myself are…
  • You inspire me when…
  • I commit to loving myself more deeply in the following ways…


  • Next, play this song and gaze into your eyes as you listen and allow the words to wash over you
  • To close out your practice, record your answers, how you this moment of self-admiration felt to you, and if you enjoy dancing, take a few minutes to move your body, and love yourself!

    Partner Cacao Ceremony

    Pair this ceremony with Tantric Rose Blossom

    1. After setting your space, perhaps lighting candles, and having some essential oils on hand, sit face to face with your partner.
    2. Each of you, take a moment to state what your intentions are for this intimate ceremony. Perhaps it’s to deepen your relationship, cultivate more compassion, honesty, or understanding. Whatever it is, the invitation is for both of you to speak from the heart.
    3. Once each of you has set intentions, take a hearty sip together.
    4. Now, close your eyes, put your right hand on your partner’s heart, and have them put their right hand on yours. Stay here for a few moments and just breathe together.
    5. Feel each other’s heartbeats, synchronize your breathing, and envision sending them all the love you feel for them through your hand and vice versa. Suggested time: 5-10 minutes. You may wish to time it with a song such as this one.
    6. Once the time is up, open your eyes, gazing into each other once more, and then take turns answering the following prompts and taking a sip between each one.
    • I'm blessed to have you in my life because...
    • I love when you touch me/hold me/look at me like [insert response]. It makes me feel…
    • I would like for our relationship to expand in [insert response] way.
    • What I most love about being with you is…


  • You may close this ceremony by dancing together as you feel the cacao & love activated within you. Lastly, embrace each other in a way that feels right for you, laying down. Hugging. Cuddling. Singing. Cooking. Sipping more cacao! 

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