One of our deepest commitments is to the health of Planet Earth. This includes you, the people who enjoy cacao, and also all the farmers we work with to make our ceremonial cacao possible.

Working with certified organic cacao is one of the foundations upon which we do this. Though there are many aspects beyond Organic Certification that we look for to ensure a regenerative impact, the certification still remains a powerful safeguard. We’re also not talking about big organic, which has its own problems: all our sourcing is from small family farms of just a few acres in size, which often implement many regenerative practices that improve the health of the ecosystem as a whole.

Eating organic is one of the best ways we can care for our health. It reduces the amount of chemicals we ingest, and it typically contains more micronutrients.

Here are some of the many benefits of organic certification:

  • Organic farming creates healthier soil which in turn leads to less heavy metals getting into the cacao as it grows.
  • Certified organic cacao is required to be shipped separately from other commodities, such as sacks of coffee or barrels of oil.
  • The certification ensures the cacao is not fumigated with toxic chemicals when it enters the country (unfortunately, cacao grown organically but not certified is almost always fumigated as a requirement by the USDA).
  • By creating demand for organic cacao, we are sending a market signal to cacao brokers to offer more organic origins, and we are supporting the upfront work of helping smallholder farmers get certified.
  • Organic farming keeps neighboring communities, and the farmers safe from harmful chemicals
  • The regenerative practices being used at the organic farms we have partnered with improves the thriving of land over time and protects wildlife.

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