Today we want to highlight an upcoming planetary retrograde that is getting a lot of attention and can be useful to tune into for your cacao ceremonies. We’ll highlight what it means, its challenges, and opportunities. You’ll also get Tantric Rose Blossom cacao ritual inspiration to accompany you on this transit!

The Venus Retrograde in the sign of Leo begins July 22nd, and will continue through September 3rd, 2023. Venus Retrograde is similar to a Mercury Retrograde, in that it is a good time to review and look back, in order to move forward, on themes that have to do with that planet’s energy.

The energy of Venus includes love, passion, desire, beauty, and what we value. Venus is in Leo right now, which is a sign that is good at focusing on the “self”. So looking at the two energies together, we’ll be looking at our self-expression in love, our emotional patterns, how we value ourselves, and how we honor ourselves within the scope of our closest relationships.

Challenges = Opportunities

Venus Retrogrades can bring up many emotions from our past. There’s even the possibility that we will see in a very clear way what old patterns around love and self-worth no longer serve us.

This can make us feel vulnerable and exposed, yet a beautiful opportunity presents itself here for an intimate connection to ourselves and to those closest to us.

Can you allow yourself to cry when you need to cry?

Can you express what you’re feeling in an honest and loving way?

Can you learn to pause and listen to the wisdom of your heart in new ways?

These are the invitations for this retrograde.

Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao To Expand The Heart 

If Venus had a favorite cacao, it would be our Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao.

Our Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao is a potent blend to open you up to a deeper sensory experience of yourself. This supports your self-expression, compassion, and vulnerability as you move through this retrograde. We invite you to work with Tantric Rose Cacao for a dedicated self-love cacao ritual at some point during this retrograde!


Venus Retrograde Ritual Inspiration

Bring these questions to your cacao practice and explore them over this retrograde period

  • Are there any emotional patterns that you’re repeating that you are now willing to shift and transmute? (this can be a question you keep in the back of your mind throughout this period and as the weeks go by, you can write down your observations)
  • What does it look like for you to show up for your heart each day? Write out some ideas, and put them on post-it notes somewhere that you will see to lovingly remind yourself.
  • The last time Venus went retrograde in Leo was 8 years ago! Review how you were emotionally back then, and notice and acknowledge how much you have grown in that span of time.

Embodiment Practices

Venus teaches us about pleasure and beauty.

What embodiment practices connect you to your senses and sensuality? 

Make a list, and commit to giving yourself time for that practice at least once a week during this period along with Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao to ignite the sacred sensuality within you.

You can try a bath with your favorite essential oils, or making a playlist of songs to dance and move to that connect you to that aspect of yourself. Here's a playlist to get you started on an intimate dance and cacao session!




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