Welcome to your September Ritual Report! We love this time of month when we get to share some of the dates that stand out most for a more dedicated cacao ritual.

So, let’s deepen your connection to cacao by looking at what’s happening.

Each day is an opportunity to go deeper with your ceremony by dedicating more time, planning a more elaborate ritual, perhaps increasing your cacao dose, or planning ahead for a group ritual with friends, loved ones, and the larger community.

We hope this sparks some inspiration for your rituals this month!

Cacao Ritual Report | September

Wednesday, September 13th | International Chocolate Day

This day, not to be confused with World Chocolate Day, which happens July 7th, is yet another time to celebrate the gift of chocolate. For us, it is a reason to celebrate the gift of cacao!

Connect to the origins of cacao and gratitude for this plant by making yourself a delectable cup of Glowing Guatemala or Boundless Belize. These two pure cacaos will help you tap into cacao’s ancient wisdom as they come from the heart of where cacao’s ceremonial use began.

Reflect on all the ways cacao has positively impacted your life.

Learn about the Ancient Knowledge of Cacao

Thursday, September 14th | New Moon In Virgo

With this beautiful lunation, you’re invited to get organized, focus on your personal development, and do some inventory on all aspects of your life so that you can move forward clearly and concisely.

Since the moon will be in the Earth-ruled sign of Virgo, a cup of Mystical Mushroom cacao will go a long way. As you prepare a cup of this grounding cacao, reflect on your wellness. What has been working? What hasn’t? What improvements would you like to make and how can you create a foundation for those changes to occur?

If you’re looking for extra connection to the element of Earth, we suggest this Grounding Mystical Cacao Practice we shared last winter.

Friday, September 22nd | Sun Enters Libra

Libra season is a time of inward turning, finding balance and harmony, evaluating relationships and beautifying our lives.

This sign is ruled by Venus, a planet that loves love and diplomacy. A decadent cup of Tantric Rose Blossom will help you tap into that Venusian energy and with what brings you pleasure.

To celebrate the beginning of this season, put on your favorite playlist and come into contact with your sensuality, that sacred energy in charge of creating!


How can I bring more beauty into my life?

Am I feeling nourished and balanced? If not, how can I be a better ally to myself?

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