As a plant spirit, cacao that is lovingly and respectfully planted, grown, harvested, and prepared is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, and connection on both a personal and collective level. 

Cacao carries with it the wisdom of the elements and the traditions from which it comes from. 

This can only be accessed with effort and a willingness to look beyond its form and into its essence.

When we begin to view cacao from a more mystical eye, we can come to realize that the lands it comes from, and the people who have worked with it can impact how the cacao will work with us energetically. 

We have experienced this first hand, along with many others who drink Ora Cacao. 

Through tasting and quality time with each cacao that we carry, we’ve discovered that each cacao has its own personality depending on the lands it originated from and in turn can help with different intentions!

This is what makes having different cacao origins so special. 

Each one can empower you in unique ways!

Your Cacao Rituals Guide


Thriving Tanzania:

This cacao, originating from the sun-filled lands of the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania, brings in fresh energy, clarity, and joy. 

Pair it with: 

  • Rituals for prosperity, new beginnings, future visualization 
  • A gathering with friends or loved ones in which you wish to activate open & joyous hearts
  • Work days in which you need some extra inspiration
  • Connecting to the element of Air 

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Glowing Guatemala:

This cacao comes from a land with a far-reaching history of the ceremonial use of cacao in the luscious hills of Alta Vera Paz. It holds much ancestral wisdom and power and connects you to a gentle yet potent mothering energy. 

Pair it with:

  • Ancestral healing 
  • Inner child work
  • Rituals for going inward, & release
  • Connecting to the element of Water

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Mystical Mushroom: 

Our Mystical Mushroom cacao is made with cacao that originates from the ancient lands of Belize. In its purest essence, it’s inspiring and opens us to new possibilities within our hearts. Paired with a blend of 11 medicinal mushrooms, this cacao then becomes a medicine that is grounding and reminds us of our intricate connection to the Earth. 

Pair it with: 

  • Grounding exercises 
  • Psychedelic integration time 
  • Gratitude rituals 
  • Connecting to the element of Earth

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Oaxacan Spice:

This flavorful enhanced blend is made with our Glowing Guatemala cacao. So it carries a very nurturing energy, but with the added spices, it can begin to activate the fire within!

Pair it with: 

  • Manifestation practices 
  • Rituals for cord-cutting, self-empowerment 
  • Practices to activate your expression & connecting to your truth
  • Connecting to the element of Fire

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Vibrant Vitality:

With adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha and maca, this cacao is soothing to the body and nervous system while providing strength and adaptability. 

Pair it with: 

  • Nature walks & hikes 
  • Activating your inner strength
  • Movement & dance rituals 

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Tantric Rose Blossom:

Our Tantric Rose Blossom cacao is also made with our Thriving Tanzania cacao giving it a foundational vibe of joy. When paired with rose petals, damiana, orange peel, and licorice root, it is alchemized into a cacao that takes you on an experience of slowing down, connecting to your sensuality, and a blossoming heart. 

Pair it with: 

  • Rituals for self-love & reconnection 
  • Couples ceremony 
  • Creative activities such as dancing, painting, singing

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