Self-inquiry is the act of looking into the self, specifically in order to discover one’s true essence and truth. Incorporating a self-inquiry process through the contemplation of various prompts can be a powerful tool to help reveal deeper layers of yourself. When we get to know ourselves better, we have the ability to live a life that is in alignment according to our full being, and we can close any gaps between that and how we live our lives day to day.

When we engage in self-inquiry on a regular basis, we strengthen our connection to our internal compass, which can shift how we show up in the world in positive ways. We can also shed negative beliefs, gain clarity on recurring obstacles, and shift out of patterns or habits that we no longer wish to partake in.

Bring Self-Inquiry Into Your Life

Self-inquiry requires radical honesty, and we must keep in mind two challenges that may come up: resistance and consistency. This is one reason that makes self-inquiry such a beautiful practice because committing to it can be a true act of self-devotion.
Cacao can be especially helpful when it comes to facing the resistance that comes up with this practice since we sometimes have to look at things we’d rather not face. Cacao softens our being and holds us with a mothering energy that can help us find self-compassion and patience when it comes to the more difficult aspects of our human experience. With cacao as your trusted ally each time you sit down to reflect, you can find support for the resistance and as a result, find more consistency in your practice.

To work with cacao: mindfully prepare your cacao, give thanks, sit down, and take your time sipping your cacao as you begin to contemplate your self-inquiry questions. Once you feel centered, you dive in and journal what comes up. Then, throughout your day, as the cacao continues to work through you, you can pay attention to how that practice affects how you show up in the outside world.

Remember, resistance will come up in varied ways. It can look like scrolling on social media, binge-watching tv shows, doing other tasks that aren’t necessarily important at the moment, or procrastination. The gift in this though is when you notice and ask yourself, “What am I resisting? Is there a change I fear?”

Some Self-Inquiry Questions to Get You Started

Here, we leave you with 7 Self-Inquiry Prompts which we invite you to sit with and contemplate for seven consecutive days. See how that feels for you, and see if you can continue on with that dedication for up to 21 days!

  1. What do I value most in life? Am I living in alignment with that?
  2. What makes me excited and ignites my passion?
  3. Is there anything in my life that feels draining? If so, what can I do to shift that?
  4. What obstacles am I currently facing? Can I recall other times in my life that I have faced something similar? If so, can I identify the repeating pattern?
  5. If I had nothing to lose, what would my life look like?
  6. What are my beliefs around the meaning of life? Where have I learned these beliefs?
  7. What are my favorite qualities about myself? What are my least favorite qualities about myself? Can I learn to accept both aspects?

Cacao For Self-Inquiry


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