Let's deepen your connection to cacao and grow your relationship with ritual this month! 

In our June Ritual Report, we're highlighting meaningful astrological dates and key days to celebrate with cacao. This month is full of beautiful moments for ritual, so mark your calendar, plan your cacao meditations, or invite friends to join you in cacao ceremony. 

In addition, we’re announcing when our Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Course will be open for enrollment! 

Read on for June inspiration! 

June Ritual Report

  • Thursday, June 6th | New Moon in Gemini
  • Tuesday, June 11th | Shipping deadline for Father’s Day Cacao Gifts (by 10am PST)
  • Friday, June 14th | Enrollment Opens for Our Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Course! 
  • Sunday, June 16th | Father’s Day
  • Thursday, June 20th | Summer Solstice & Cancer Season 
  • Friday, June 21st | Full Moon in Capricorn
  • Saturday, June 22nd | World Rainforest Day



June 6th | New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini brings a breath of fresh air and insight. The Gemini archetype is curious, flexible, adaptable, flighty, and fast-moving. Gemini shines in the realms of communication and information, especially in our close relationships such as neighbors and nearby community. Pay attention to any fresh insights you have at this time as you set your intentions with what you’d like to create in this next lunar cycle. 

Leverage the levity and curiosity of this New Moon with Oaxacan Spice. The multi-layered blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cayenne will not only stimulate your circulation but also tickle the curiosity of your taste palate! 

Shop Oaxacan Spice here.


June 14th | Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Course Enrollment Opens!


We are so excited to announce that the next cohort of our facilitation course opens for enrollment on June 14th! This is a 12 week program that empowers you with the in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and embodied wisdom you need to facilitate cacao ceremony in a good way.

Over 12 weeks, you'll receive intensive training that includes:

  • In-depth education on cacao and cultural nuances
  • Foundational ceremony facilitation skills
  • Opportunities to practice hosting cacao ceremonies and receiving feedback
  • Live Q&A calls for support
  • Connection to a network of like-minded cacao ceremony facilitators

If you’ve been feeling the call to offer cacao ceremonies but need education to do it in a good way, this course is for you! 

You can read more about the course and see the dates of all of the live calls on our course page here. 


June 16th | Father’s Day

This month we get to honor the father and father-like figures in our lives. No matter what your relationship with your father is, we hope you can connect to the energies of the masculine archetype that exists within you and in your relationships. We honor the father figures in our life who have helped raise us and those who offer security, protection, strength, and clarity. 

If you’re looking to share cacao as a Father’s Day gift, place your order by June 11th at 10am PST to make sure it arrives on time! 

Our recommended cacao for celebrating Father’s Day is  Vibrant Vitality with its strengthening, stamina-building, and fortifying properties. This blend includes maca and ashwagandha, which offers relief from anxiety and fatigue while boosting immune functioning. 


Shop Vibrant Vitality here. 


June 20th | Summer Solstice & Cancer Season

We welcome the start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere alongside the zodiacal start of Cancer season. This can be a time of increased intensity as daylight and activities abound! Cancer season is a nice energy to buffer this intensity with its value of nesting and nurturing. 

Feel into the blossoming of summer with Tantric Rose Blossom. This blend includes damiana and rose which lends itself to a sensual embodied experience to enliven your summer pursuits. 

Shop Tantric Rose Blossom here. 




June 21st | Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon this month occurs in the sign of Capricorn, which is the opposing sister sign of Cancer. Where Cancer represents the mother, Capricorn represents the father. Full Moons are a great time to review what in our life has come to fruition and also what is ready to be released. When we align with the energy of Capricorn, we recognize the long term vision of something we are building. This is a great time to assess the foundations of what you’re creating for yourself long term. 

Expand your long-term visions with Boundless Belize. This cacao from Maya Mountain has an expansive energy that supports creativity and visioning - a beautiful compliment to all the hard work Capricorn energy inspires. 

Shop Boundless Belize here. 


June 22nd | World Rainforest Day

On World Rainforest Day we acknowledge and honor the heart of the earth & home of the cacao tree. The cacao tree is a collaborative understory tree that thrives in supporting life, often growing with diverse food and medicinal plants. Our cacao is grown by small regenerative farms, in harmony with local habitat, and supporting the biodiversity of the rainforest. 

Read more about our regenerative and organic practices here. 

May these touchstones inspire and support your visioning of the month ahead!


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